#LaoniangWalktheGround: Who want see another round of political debate??

Wow wow wow, so much drama this general election until lao niang a bit cannot catch up liao.

Political Debate

By the way hor, Raeesah Khan apologised for her sensitive remarks liao, so let’s move on bah.

Now now, the next most exciting drama is: Is it we will get to see another round of debate? This time with Chan Chun Sing and Gan Kim Yong vs Tan Cheng Bock and Paul Tambyah???

So exciting leh lao niang loves debate! Because cannot read from script, cannot retake until you shiok, everything is based on 临场反应 (spontaneity) and cannot bluff people one.

Semo debate leh? If you don’t know what happened, here’s the background story:

Chan Chun Sing pointed out in an interview that so far, all the manifestos by the opposition parties like never include their plans on how they want to help Singapore cope with the Covid-19 crisis.

He explained that whoever stand in for election should include their plan lah. Because sekali Opposition win and become Gahmen how? This kind of things very hard to say one mah, tio bo?

Then Paul Tambyah, who is an infectious disease expert, and Ah Bock who is a doctor buay song. They jio Chan Chun Sing and Gan Kim Yong, who is the health minister to come out and debate, see who is better, or got better idea on how to manage Covid-19.

When media ask Ah Bock what he want to debate about? He act one secretive, don’t want to say.

But lao niang remember Chan Chun Sing got go one debate on Zaobao leh? Why Ah Bock ownself don’t go ah? The English debate also. Xiao curious.

Anyway, after the news broke, Chan Chun Sing then post on his Facebook this:

So, will Ah Bock and Paul Tambyah pass up their plans like what Chan Chun Sing suggested lei?? Or will they really come out and have a debate? Lao niang really very curious now!

We shall see!

Erm by the way, SDP’s 老大 (leader) is still Chee Soon Juan hor? Never change right? Because WAH WAH WAH Paul Tambyah keep appearing on the headlines these days until lao niang xiao confused.

Even the POFMA also ah paul kena first, before his lao da. Is it #PaulOverChee now?

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