7 ways to save water in Singapore, number 5 will shock you

With so much water talk going on, we’ve decided to compile 7 ways to save water in Singapore…you know, in case we ever have a water crisis someday.

1) Shower every other day

If you’re in an air-conditioned environment all day long, and not the type that perspire a lot, try bathing once in two days.

Consider using prickly heat snake powder to powder bath.

2. Collect rain water

Yup, take out all the pails you’ve got and create your own catchment areas in front of your HDB void deck.

In other words, be an auntie and use the rain water to flush your toilet bowl or wash your car.

3. Shower in 5 mins

Up the challenge by making it more fun. The person who exceeds this timing has to plonk a dollar coin into a piggy bank.

At the end of the month, use the money to pay your water bill.

4. Boil veges using pasta water

Cooking noodles or pasta? Throw in some broccoli while the water is boiling too.

Try not to do this with instant noodles as the boiled water is unhealthy.

5. Cut short hair

Females with short hair will find that their time taken for bathing will reduce tremendously. If you garang enough, cut botak and raise funds for “hair for hope”.

Save time, save water too!

6. Shower elsewhere

Desperate to save money? Consider showering at the toilets next to the swimming pool. You can also bathe in office before going home.

But be considerate – point 2 still applies.

7.  Shut off your water valve

The best way to “scare” someone is to literally turn off the water supply! If you really want to save water, make things difficult by shutting off your water valve!

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