Forward Singapore Report unveiled some things which were also found in NTUC’s #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations report!


On 27 October, Deputy-Prime Minister Lawrence Wong launched the Forward Singapore report.

This report is like the report book to conclude the Forward Singapore exercise, after gathering inputs and feedback from over 200,000 Singaporeans over the past 16 months through various engagement sessions, surveys, roadshows and digital platforms.

Now, the next step is to implement some of the recommendations and key policy shifts which Singaporeans said they hope to see in future. Here’s what Singaporeans say they want to see in the society:

1. A Vibrant and Inclusive society. One that is filled with opportunities for all to learn and progress across diverse pathways, and where everyone is valued and respected for who they are, and what they do.

2. A Fair and Thriving society, where Singaporeans are assured of access to basic needs through every life stage, and can pursue fulfilling and dignified lives, with more help given to fellow citizens with less.

3. A Resilient and United society, with a strong sense of shared identity and collective responsibility amongst all Singaporeans to do their part for the common good, and for future generations.

And to achieve these, the Gahmen said they will refresh the social compact with Singaporeans through seven key shifts in policies.

Out of these seven key shifts hor, some of the key insights and recommendations were copied from NTUC’s #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations report, which NTUC released last month after concluding their year-long engagement exercise with more than 42,000 workers.

NTUC calls for better wages and work prospects for skilled essential tradesmen!

Some of the things they kapo referenced from NTUC’s #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations report which has been considered and contributed to Forward Singapore’s policy shifts include:

  • Targeted support for involuntarily unemployed jobseekers
  • Training allowances for mature mid-career workers to build deep skills
  • Encouraging more employers to introduce workplace support for caregivers


In response to finding NTUC’s recommendations in the Forward Singapore Report, NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng said in his Facebook post: “Wei, Lawrence, issit you read my EWMC report?”

NTUC calls for Unemployment Support for workers, MOM said that they are looking into it

No lah bluff you one, he didn’t say that.

Instead, he said that NTUC supports the recommendations found in the Forward Singapore Report. Because it means that the Labour Movement and NTUC got a space in the Gahmen’s hearteu and vice versa. Symbiotic relationship, remember mah?

He also added that NTUC remains steadfast in championing workers’ interests of all collars and ages and that it will continue to work to better the workers’ wages, welfare and work prospects, so that “no worker gets left behind”.

In the Youth space, the labour chief said that NTUC will move with the youths and support them in their vision of success.

“And as workers have resoundly voiced their hopes for more pervasive workplace support in the areas of caregiving and training – we will champion this too”, said the labour chief. He also added that NTUC will be alongside PMEs and mid-career workers in their pursuit of deep skills and career resilience.

“NTUC will take action in our traditional areas of strengths too. We will press on with our efforts to ensure that our vulnerable workers receive due respect and recognition for the essential work that they do, be it behind the scenes or on the frontlines. There is also more to be done for our older workers, for them to benefit from training opportunities in a multi-generational workforce, and be assured of retirement adequacy,” he said.

Ng concluded his Facebook post by saying:

“Our shared efforts hold the key to a better shared future. Let us all unite, with heads, hearts, and hands in harmony, to build better lives and livelihoods for all.

This is our workers’ compact. Taking action with you, for you.”

You can read NTUC’s response to the Forward Singapore report here.

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