Man sentenced to 2 months’ jail for going on a drunken rampage in Taman Jurong coffee shop & assaulting police


A man went on a drunken rampage in a coffee shop, throwing cups and chairs, causing public alarm.

The police received 12 reports and rushed to the scene. However, when the man was arrested, he refused to cooperate and kicked one of the police officers, resulting in him being sentenced to 2 months in prison, reported Zaobao.

The accused is a 33-year-old Chinese man named Yu Jian Tao, working in Singapore with a valid work permit. He faced charges of assaulting a public servant, and his reckless behaviour endangering the lives of others was taken into consideration during sentencing.

According to the investigation, the police received a report at around 10.37pm on 18 February. They were alerted to a fight that had broken out in a coffee shop located at 101 Yung Sheng Road. “More than five people are fighting. They are arguing and throwing chairs,” said the informant.

The investigation also revealed that the accused had dinner and drinks in the coffee shop located at Taman Jurong with a few friends around 6pm that evening.

After drinking all night, he became heavily intoxicated. At around 10.33pm, for unknown reasons, the accused suddenly went berserk and threw a glass beer mug filled with beer at another group of customers.

The glass landed on their table, making a loud noise, and some of the beer splashed onto the customers before the glass shattered on the floor.

At the time, the drunken man was also shouting loudly and making exaggerated gestures. Despite being stopped by his friends, he persisted in his actions and then picked up a plastic chair and threw it in the direction of the other customers. Fortunately, none of the customers were hit by the glass or plastic chair, and no one was injured.

The police revealed that they received 12 reports of the incident. When the police officers arrived at the scene at around 10.41pm, the accused continued to behave aggressively and refused to cooperate. As a result, the officers had to use necessary force to subdue him.

Reportedly, the accused also attacked one of the officers, causing injury.

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