Mother who stabs 11-year-old son for being disobedient, gets 2 months’ jail


Annoyed that her son had entered her room and used her without her permission, a woman flew into a rage and went into the kitchen and took a 21cm-long knife, and used it to stab the 11-year-old boy in his thigh.

The 41-year-old woman, who cannot be named due to gag orders imposed by the court, was sentenced to two months’ jail on Wednesday (17 May).

She pleaded guilty to one count of voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon on a minor.

What happened

On 6 November 2021, the victim reportedly entered his mother’s room without permission and took her spare phone.

Despite his mother telling him not to enter her room, the boy ignored her and continued playing with her phone.

The woman went to the kitchen and took a 21cm-long knife before heading back to her room.

At that time, her son was lying on the bed, covered with a blanket. He was playing with her phone. The woman pulled the blanket up from him and then swung the knife down in a stabbing motion.

The knife pierced through the blanket and cut the boy his right thigh.

The son screamed in pain and began bleeding profusely. He ran back to his room and locked the door before calling the police for help.

The boy was taken to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital with an open wound and was discharged after 20 days.

Woman suffering from severe depression

The defendant’s lawyer said that his client had suffered from severe depression and could not control her emotions, which affected her judgment.

He also added that her son has since forgiven her for her conduct. In addition, the woman is also currently undergoing treatment and hopes to rebuild her relationship with the child.

The prosecutor sought two to three months’ jail for the woman, saying she had been convicted in 1999 for a similar charge. She was given probation at the time.

The prosecutor also added that the woman had betrayed the trust between mother and child by stabbing her own child. While the prosecutor acknowledged that the woman suffers from major depressive disorder of mild severity and that her condition had a substantial contributory link to her offending conduct, however, the prosecutor said that it did not impede her knowledge that what she was doing was wrong.

In the end, the woman was sentenced to two months’ jail.

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