Heart pain – S$16,000 worth of luxury bags, clothes and memorabilia turned mouldy inside a storage facility 


It’s common for Singaporeans to store their belongings in a storage facility while transitioning to their new place. Since property prices are trending high, many have sold their homes to reap the profits.  

Ong sold her flat and moved in with her parents while hunting for a new home. She stored most of her possessions at a Lock + Store’s Ang Mo Kio facility where she was charged S$4,000 to rent the 86.3 sq for a year.  

valuables turned mouldy

Look at the damages 

Referring to a Facebook post by Ong, she shared photos of the damages done to her possessions. Many of her items were badly damaged and had turned mouldy and rusty.  

Designer bags, wallets and accessories all turned mouldy. Hais, she could have sold them on carousel for some money… sim tia. Dust bags were so badly damaged that they disintegrated. Even her new stainless-steel table became rusty.  

But the most sim tia part is seeing her daughter’s pre-school graduation photos, her daughter’s kindergarten certificate and other sentimental memorabilia all turned to waste.  

In her post, she said, “There were obvious signs of water seepage on the wall and condensation on my items. The boxes were so wet that they tore as the movers tried to load them into the lorry.”  

photo and certificate damaged by mould and water

This was very unexpected 

Ong explained that she had inspected the unit? before signing the contract. During her inspection, she didn’t find any fault in the space.  

She visited the unit several times throughout the year, but she did not notice any damages because the damaged possessions were in boxes stacked all the way to the back of the storage unit.  

mould in walls of storage unit

What was the cause?  

Ong suspects that the water damage is caused by an aircon leak but there is no evidence to prove this yet. 

Lock + store acknowledged her complaint and is currently investigating the matter. 

What can we learn?  

While we feel sorry for Ong, let’s be more mindful of the items we store in a storage unit. Best to keep items of value or affection with us just in case! 

Sure Boh?

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