88-year-old ah ma allegedly loses $700 to woman who offered her help to keep her belongings


An 88-year-old ah ma was on her way home from shopping when she met a very “kind and helpful” woman who offered to help her keep things in plastic bags.

Little did she know, the woman turned out to have stolen her wallet. She only realised that she lost her wallet which consists of $700 after she returned home.

According to Zaobao, the incident took place at 3.20pm on Wednesday (25 January) at a neighborhood mall at Block 25 Bendemeer Road.

An employee of a nearby store told the Shin Min Daily News reporter that he learned about the case after seeing three police officers investigating the case at the scene. The employee hopes to remind the public to be more vigilant with their belongings.

When a Shin Min Daily News reporter arrived at the scene, the ah ma whose wallet was stolen was sitting outside a store with a sad face. When interviewed, the ah ma told the reporter that she went out to buy TOTO at around 2pm. After that, she went to the mall to buy daily necessities and then went home.

“When I got home to pack my things, I realised that my wallet was missing from my trolley,” she said.

The ah ma then recalled that on her way home, she met a woman with short hair who spoke Cantonese and tried to “block” her way.

“I bought some rags and stacked them in my trolley. The stack was a bit high, so the woman who stood in front of me said she would help me to put them in a plastic bag. After I refused, she threw the things on the ground, and I had to bend down to pick them up,” she continued.

Ah ma also told the reporter that when she picked up her belongings, she saw that the woman had opened her trolley. She immediately questioned her, after which, the woman left unhappily.

“I had about $700 in cash in my wallet, as well as the TOTO ticket, all of which were gone,” said ah ma.

The police confirmed that they had received a report of theft and the case is currently under investigation.

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