Zhun bo? Bukit Batok NTUC FairPrice outlet really lock up baby formula milk to prevent shoplifting meh?


Tia gong this NTUC FairPrice so cek ark until they go and lock up baby formula milk because people have been stealing it. This one not I say one ah. Don’t POFMA lao niang hor.

Hardwarezone say one:

hardwarezone FairPrice Bukit Batok Milk powder


Apparently, this news started going around because this Shawn 小哥哥 Tweeted about on Tuesday (17 January):

Shawn Lim Milk Powder FairPrice

And not long after, The Straits Times also reported about it.

The reason behind it? Is because the baby milk powder has been stolen, so hor, to prevent people from stealing the baby milk powder, they started locking it up as a trial to deter shoplifters.

Consumers who want to buy them will have to approach the outlet’s staff to unlock the screens.

MP Murali Pillai responds to milk powder issue

Bukit Batok SMC MP Murali Pillai has also come out to clarify that the news is misleading.

In case you cannot watch the video, here is what the MP has said in response to the issue:

“I understand that there has been a Straits Times article published today which very understandably has given some misleading impression in relation to the decision made by FairPrice. The article I’m told highlighted that infant milk powder is being kept under lock and key to stop this milk powder from being stolen.

And unfortunately, because of the sensational nature of the title, some people, understandably, are getting the impression that there are people out here who can’t even afford milk powder for their children. Now, I have confirmed with the police that that is not the case.

The typical shoplifters that FairPrice is concerned about, are people who steal to make a profit. Certainly, it’s not the situation in which many readers are concerned about. Quite a number of them have actually reached out to me and offering to buy milk for our residents.

I am grateful to these well-meaning persons who reached out to me, and I want to just take this opportunity to assure everybody that when it comes to helping our needy families, we actually have a very established system. The South West CDC Mayor Low Yen Ling has a good number of programmes, helping low-income families. I am in touch with her on this specific matter. And just to let you know, help schemes are available.

In Bukit Batok, we also have help schemes, in particular, we have a program where we link up with the milk producer to purchase milk. Not just infant milk, but even adult milk at a substantial discount for low-income families. So, we will do what we can, of course, the government also has come up with grants and concessions. You would know about the CDC grants of $300 this month. This follows what happened last month when we had a $700 grant for low-income families.

So we will do what we can. But I hope that the misleading impressions can stop because otherwise what will happen is that people that are doing good work will be faulted.”

So hor the conclusion to this milk powder saga is:

  1. The people who stole the milk powder are not those who need the milk. They are people who want to profit from selling them at a higher price.
  2. If you know of families who are in need, there are schemes such as CDC vouchers and Comcare assistance. You want short-term help got short-term help, you want medium, got medium, You want long also got long. Lao niang is referring to Comcare Assistance leh. Don’t think dirty.
  3. Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet, especially if the source of the news is from HardWareZone and some Shawn 小哥哥. Hehe.
Sure Boh?

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