Handicapped delivery rider falls while climbing stairs – customer insisted the food to be delivered to his doorstep


Mr Saire Adnan, a one-legged GrabFood delivery rider shared about the incident on Saturday (7 January) in a Facebook post. It took place at a shophouse in Thomson that did not have a lift.

Where is the compassion?

Noticing that there was no lift access to the upper floor, Mr Saire contacted the platform. GrabFood replied that the customer insisted that he delivers the food to the second floor because a delivery fee was charged.

When he texted the customer directly to explain his inaccessibility because of his handicap, the latter allegedly “didn’t care” and said they were in a zoom meeting.

Determined to complete the order

Mr Saire didn’t want to cancel the order because he was so near to completing the task and if he did, his ratings would be affected. So, he decided to climb the stairs.

While climbing the stairs, he allegedly fell and injured his foot. Because of the injury, he is now unable to make deliveries.

While he considers quitting the job, Mr Saire said he doesn’t have a choice as this was his only source of income.

This serves as a reminder for us to empathize with the hardship and challenges that our food delivery riders have. What more for someone with physical disabilities?

Benefits of joining NDCA

If you are doing food or parcel delivery work as your main source of income, you can join the National Delivery Champions Association (NDCA) as a member. NDCA members will receive the following NTUC core benefits:

  • Up to $40,000 in insurance coverage against death and total permanent disability
  • Financial support such as yearly training assistance (UTAP) of $250 or more
  • U Care schemes to offset the cost of daily expenses
  • Cash-back rebates of up to $240 annually for purchases from NTUC FairPrice

Other benefits exclusive to NDCA members:

  • Work advisory and assistance
  • Education grant for members’ school-going children
  • Short-Term Accident Relief Fund (STAR)
  • Free or highly subsidized courses for delivery riders/ drivers’ members-only activities

Delivery riders can voice their concerns or struggles they face at work at the #EveryWorkersMatters Conversations platform. It is a platform by NTUC for all workers to share their work-life needs so that NTUC can better protect vulnerable workers and champion their interests.

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