Taiwan shipping company Evergreen rewards workers up to 52 months’ pay as year-end bonuses


The workers of Taiwan shipping company Evergreen be laughing to the bank sia. Maybe in their sleep also will laugh.

Because tia gong the shipping giant Evergreen Marine has rewarded its workers with massive year-end bonuses of up to 52 months!

According to news reports, most of the workers were given bonuses ranging from 10 to 45 months, while those who had demonstrated good performances were given up to 52 months.

Reportedly, in 2021, Evergreen had paid out year-end bonuses of up to 40 months to its workers.

The reported bonuses for 2022 would also be reflective of a 92% increase in Evergreen’s net profit for the period of January to September, compared to 2021. And this is thanks to the rebound of global container shipping lines following pandemic lockdowns, as well as soaring shipping prices.

The company reported a net profit of NT$304.35 billion (S$13.29 billion) for the first three quarters of 2022, reported The Straits Times.

Meanwhile, the 2022 financial year earnings are expected to be released in March 2023.

The shipping company said in a statement issued on 31 December that the bonuses will be paid out ahead of the Lunar New Year, which falls on 20 January 2023, and will be based on the company’s operations and personal performance of each employee.

Sibei shiok, can really have a BIG AND FAT Chinese New Year liao sia.

Sure Boh?

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