Diner found half a cockroach in tofu after taking a bite, stall owner said it’s supplier’s issue


A man found some black spots on the inside of a piece of braised tofu which his daughter had just taken a bite from and decided to “peel” it open to check. To his horror, he discovered half of a dead cockroach which unsurprisingly disgust his whole family.

The incident, reported by Shin Min Daily News, detailed how a man known as Mr Zhang, 60, who brought his family of four for dinner turned into a “memorable” dinner.

According to the report, the man and his family visited Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre at about 5pm on Sunday (1 Jan), and ordered a few side dishes from a soup stall, which included braised tofu.

Mr Zhang told the newspaper that when his daughter took a bite of the braised tofu, he realised something was wrong.

“I saw black spots in it, so I quickly told her not to eat it, and then I looked carefully at it, and it turned out that there was half a dead cockroach in the braised tofu!”

Daughter suspected to have swallowed the other half of the cockroach

Mr Zhang said that he suspected that his daughter had swallowed the other half of the cockroach. She later felt queasy and went to the toilet to try to vomit out the other half, but to no avail.

“She is usually afraid of seeing cockroaches, let alone eating cockroaches,” he added.

According to the photo provided by Mr Zhang, half of the cockroach was inside the braised tofu, and the tail, feet, and a small part of the body of the cockroach could still be seen after digging out. Affected by the incident, the mood of Mr Zhang’s family soured, and they reportedly went home without finishing their dinner.


“We may not eat braised tofu anymore for the rest of the year,” said Mr Zhang.

Mr Zhang said that when he reported his discovery to the stall owner, not only did the stall owner not reply, the stall owner just said that it was a problem with the braised tofu supplier.

An employee of the stall apologised

An employee who is working at the stall said that he felt sorry for the customer and also added that he would ask the boss to report the problem to the supplier.

A reporter who visited the stall that night found an employee closing the stall. He said he heard a colleague discussing the matter with a customer when he was in the kitchen, and mentioning a supplier problem.

The employee said that the braised tofu is delivered to them by a factory that processes the food, which is then sent to them by the supplier. He also expressed his apologies for the incident and said that he will bring the matter up with the stall owner, who will contact the supplier.

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