Punggol resident complains about plants and laundry along the corridor by neighbour


What can you do when your neighbour is a hoarder and clutters up the common corridor with their laundry and flower pots?

One resident in Punggol has lodged a complaint about her two neighbours, whose plants and laundry have encroached on the common corridor. As a result, the common corridor becomes very narrow, making it difficult for wheelchairs to pass.

A reader of Shin Min Daily News told the reporter that her friend, who is staying at a corner unit located on the 13th floor of Block 621A Edgefield Walk in Punggol HDB Estate, has difficulties accessing the common corridor in her wheelchair because her neighbour has been cluttering and obstructing the common walkway with objects.

When a reporter visit the HDB block last night (18 December), it was observed that there was a row of potted plants and cabinets on both sides of the corridor, and a row of laundry hanging outside.

When the reporter spoke to the reader who made the complaint, it was revealed that her friend who is staying there would usually head out for grocery runs, visit the doctor, and throw out the garbage. However, the clutter along the corridor has had it difficult to pass through.

“My friend lives alone and has dementia. She does everything by herself. However, the corridor is too narrow, making it more difficult for her to pass in her wheelchair, which is causing her difficulties in carrying out her daily routine,” she added.

She said that the corridor of the HDB block is very narrow, and it is only enough for three people to walk at one time. After putting things there, if an ambulance is called or if there is a fire in the future, it may be difficult for ambulance personnel and firefighters to pass through.

Another 68-year-old resident also agrees that this could potentially cause hazards if she wants to flee for her life in the future.

Meanwhile, another resident Miss Sarah also said that her mother had trouble getting through the corridor after returning from shopping for groceries with two bags.

According to observations, the width of the corridor is about one and a half meters, and now it feels narrow even for one person to walk. The narrow corridor is close to the corner, and the lift is at the other end of the corridor. Five households living in the particular corner would have to pass through this corridor in order to take the lift.

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