Woman smashes television after she got too excited from playing Virtual Reality boxing game


A woman was trying out a virtual reality (VR) boxing match at a shop in Suntec City but ended up she got too excited about the experience that she punched the television screen because it was too realistic.

In a video that went viral, a woman was trying out a VR headset from VR company Pico.

She was fully immersed in the VR boxing match while wearing a headset. People around her were cheering on her. The woman then took a step forward and dealt a deadly blow, in the direction of the television – which caused the television screen to crack as a result.

A reporter from Shin Min Daily News got in touch with the TikTok user who took the video later, who described that on the day of the incident, she and her friends had just finished shopping and were about to leave the mall when they saw the VR game.

Out of curiosity, they decided to give it a try

Hand got orh cheh but not painful

“My friend was the first to play. According to her, after wearing the headset, it was as if she was in another space. When the incident happened, she saw her opponent take a step back in the game, and she immediately stepped forward. As a result, she did not realise that she was being too close to the television, hence it resulted in her smashing the television,” the TikTok user recalled.

Although the incident left some bruises on her friend’s hand, however, it wasn’t very serious. Instead, they felt very sorry and kept asking the staff how to make compensation. But the Pico staff members said that accidents like this happen often and that the staff were nice about it.

According to the TikTok user, her friend who smashed the television relayed to her that she didn’t notice the distance between her and the television because she was too immersed in the game, and she didn’t realise what happened until she hit the screen.

“At that moment, I was very scared, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even feel any pain in my hand,” she said.

Reportedly, incidents like that are common.

A spokesperson from the VR company revealed in an interview that this is not the first time such an incident has happened.

“A similar accident happened last month, so now in order to avoid history repeating itself, we will arrange for staff to stand next to the experiencers. Once we see them walking too close, we will pull them back,” she said.

VR company did not ask for compensation

Fortunately, the VR company is not intending to ask for compensation for the cracked television screen.

But according to the TikTok user, they planned to go back in two days and treat the staff to food as a gesture of apology.

You can watch the viral TikTok video below:

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