Bentley driver jailed for 8 weeks after hurting security officer outside Red Swastika School


HOSEH AH! You all still remember the case of the Bentley driver who threatened to run down a security officer at Red Swastika School?

Bentley driver arrested after threatening to run down security officer at Red Swastika School!


In case you all don’t remember hor, come, lao niang do a quick quick summary for you:

  • In January this year, a video showing a white Bentley car inching forward against a security officer outside the entrance of Red Swastika School was circulating all over social media
  • The Bentley driver tried to force his car into the school via the main gate after cutting queue
  • The security officer then stood in front of his car and tried to prevent the car from entering the Red Swastika School compound. The security officer told the Bentley to move off to a side gate instead
  • The Bentley driver buay song, he inched his car forward into the security offer which caused the victim to move back. The Bentley driver then got off from his car to ask the security officer why he cannot enter the school. Sibei gangster sia this Bentley uncle.
  • The security officer explained that because he not in the queue
  • Bentley driver again buay song, he went back into his car and drive forward into the security officer for another 15 seconds.
  • This resulted in the security officer to stumble back. He also sustained some injuries because of the Bentley driver barbaric act.

Subsequently, the Bentley driver, identified as Neo Hong Chye, 61, was arrested for rash act causing hurt.

Latest Update

According to CNA, the 61-year-old man Bentley driver Neo Hong Chye has been sentenced to eight weeks’ jail. On top of his “staycation” in the prison, he also kena slapped with a fine of S$600 and he will be banned from driving for 12 months.

He pleaded guilty to causing hurt through a rash act and another count of driving without insurance, because tia gong the car belonged to his son’s motor trade business. Not even his own car leh.

Bentley Driver’s son also tio charge

His son, 28-year-old Glynn Neo Jia, also tio charged because he went to alter the car’s licence plate on the day of the incident and allowing his father to use the car without insurance coverage that morning.

The prosecution said the licence plate was changed for “photoshoot purposes” in relation to the car business, according to investigations.

Meanwhile, Glynn Neo has not been dealt with by the courts. But wait ah, slowly but surely.

Bentley Driver’s past criminal history

Lai lai lai, 吃瓜群众 (onlookers), you never read that wrongly! The said Bentley driver got past criminal history one!

In 2015, he was convicted of voluntarily causing hurt after he pulled a victim out of a vehicle and punched his face in the middle of a busy road. He received a four-week jail sentence for that offence.

Got past criminal record never mind, 知错能改we ought to give people chances right? But hor, this Bentley driver, while pleading guilty, he still go and victim blame the security office, say the security officer gek him by gesticulating wildly at him.

HARLOW UNCLE, the security officer was just doing his job leh. Tell you cannot enter liao you still want to forcefully try your luck! KNS. What kind of example are you setting for your granddaughter whom you were driving to school that day ah? Please ah please, don’t teach your granddaughter wrong value can.

Anyway ah, kena sentenced to eight weeks’ jail and a fine of S$600 plus the driving ban is considered very kind to him liao. For committing a rash act causing hurt, he could have been jailed for up to a year, fined up to S$5,000, or both.

For using a vehicle without insurance, he could have been jailed for up to three months, fined up to S$1,000, or both.

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