Security officer’s foot driven over by a condo resident, police report made, says the Union of Security Employees

Security officer’s foot driven over by a condo resident, police report made, says the Union of Security Employees

It has been barely a month since our last article about a security officer who kena assaulted outside Giant Hypermarket, tia gong recently got yet another case of physical hurt again!

Security officer kena assaulted outside Giant Hypermarket after asking a man to put on his mask


This time it happened to a female security officer, Ms Kavitha Sandresekeran, who works at the Skysuites 17 condominium located at Jalan Rajah, off Balestier Road.

Security officer’s foot kena driven over

According to CNA’s report, the security officer had stopped a driver at the car entry barrier to check if the driver is a resident staying at the condominium – this one is standard procedure leh, especially if the vehicle is not a registered vehicle at the condominium.

But the driver honked at her multiple times, insisting that he was a resident although his vehicle does not have the transponder registered vehicles usually have.

The man then DROVE OVER her right foot while she was trying to verify his identity, and even continue to verbally abuse her.

Police report made

The Union of Security Employees (USE) said in a Facebook post that a police report has been filed after they were notified of the case and the security officer was conveyed to the hospital for a medical check-up and X-ray.

Luckily her injuries were minimal and she is now fine and back to work.

In the Facebook Post, USE also said that they are determined to cast light on this incident as it is completely unacceptable for a motorist to attempt to use his vehicle to cause hurt to a female security officer.

According to USE, they have already handled 21 cases of abuse this year. They encourage security officers to report cases of abuse through its mobile app or email the union at [email protected].

Please ah tolong, don’t abuse these frontliners who are just doing their work can a not? They are humans too and they are also 人生父母养 one, they are also other people’s loved ones ok. Not for you to abuse just because you cannot manage your own anger.

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