72-year-old uncle sets fire on love rival’s house after his ex-girlfriend breaks up with him


To win back his ex-girlfriend, a man in his 70s has attempted to lock up his love rival in his apartment and set fire to it. After one month of getting the tools ready, the man went to ambush his love rival at his door and beat him to a pulp with a wooden board.

But unfortunately, not only did he fail to win back his ex-girlfriend, but he was also sent to prison sia.

According to Zaobao, the 72-year-old man was sentenced to four years and 11 months in prison yesterday (13 June) after pleading guilty to one count of grievously wounding another with a dangerous weapon and one count of mischievous arson.

The investigation revealed that the man’s 50-year-old ex-girlfriend had asked for a breakup with him in May 2020. Following the breakup, his ex-girlfriend went steady with another man who is 64 years old.

Even though he tried many times to jio back his ex-girlfriend, she refused to patch back with him because she got a new lover liao.

So hor, in order to scare his love rival off, he followed his ex-girlfriend and got to know the address of his love rival. Apparently, he also heard from his ex-girlfriend that his love rival has the habit of sleeping early, so he planned to set fire to his house. Sibei fierce sia uncle.

At 10:50 pm on 13 October 2020, the man went to his love rival’s house with wire, a pair of trousers and a lighter. His love rival was fast asleep at that time.

The man then tied his love rival’s front gate with a metal wire, so that he cannot escape. He then put his pants in front of the door and set it on fire, and then fled the scene quickly.

Fortunately, a neighbor realised that there was a fire and immediately took out a bucket of water to put out the fire and then called the police.

After committing the arson, the man saw that his ex-girlfriend was still with his love rival. Even after he begged for her to leave the other party, his ex-girlfriend still refused to leave him. She even told him that she is very happy with her new lover. So hor, the man hear liao sibei hot and very angry lah, he decided to teach his love rival a lesson.

The love rival also tried to counter attack. After pushing the man down, he sat on him. Don’t think dirty ok, should be trying to stop him from further attacking him bah.

However, the 72-year-old uncle didn’t back off! He continued to beat his love rival with the wooden plank while he tried to push him away. Must be the power of love sia.

In the end, the love rival kena beaten until he bleed and couldn’t stand up. The man then took the opportunity to flee the scene.

Not only fell out of love but also lose his job

This love triangle hor not only caused a fight, but it also resulted in the love rival, who is in his 60s, to lose his job sia.

The reporter very resourcefully found the love rival who’s involved in this love triangle. During the interview with the love rival, it was revealed that he had met the Malaysian woman in a coffee shop in Yishun earlier. The woman was working in that coffee shop. The two of them later fell in love and lived together.

“I didn’t expect that a few weeks after she moved in, a man whom I have never met would come to make trouble,” he said.

According to the report, the man was previously working in a ban mian stall. But after getting into the fight, his hands and limbs were injured. He could not continue to work anymore.

“My CPF of more than $100,000 has been used for treatment. I also have to find other ways to foot my expensive medical expenses. Until now, the other party has not made any compensation,” he revealed.

He also shared that he is also suffering from side effects such as difficulty in speaking and epilepsy symptoms, and he had to rely on the help of his elderly mother to get by his days.

When asked about his girlfriend, he said that in the beginning when he took her out for dinner and drinks, he sometimes would also give her money of up to $100 upon request.

“I have absolutely no idea of ​​her relationship history, or whether she has a male partner. So, I let her move into my place in hopes of helping her save money on rental,” he added.

Currently, his girlfriend has already moved out of his apartment. After falling from the bed a few days ago, he sent her a message but only to receive a reply from her, which was totally unexpected – she replied: “Forget about me bah”

He told the reporter: “To have acquainted is also fate. Just have to learn to let go of everything. Even if you end up getting hurt or breaking up in the end, you won’t feel sad as long as you don’t regret it.”

Wah sibei wise and deep leh.

But hor, after this story, lao niang have two conclusions:

  1. Uncle you heng you still got CPF to help you to pay for a portion of your medical bills sia. But worth it meh? You could have saved it for your retirement leh!
  2. Love cannot be forced bah.

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