Can a food delivery rider REALLY earn more than $8,000 a month?

Can a food delivery rider REALLY earn more than $8,000 a month?

Confirm guarantee plus chop you got see this photo of a handwritten record of the earnings of a food delivery rider circulating on the internet one.

This handwritten record hor, which was first shared to the Hardwarezone forum on 7 April, has caused a great stir among netizens and triggered quite a bit of discussion on social media lah. Because the food delivery rider apparently made $8511.64 in one month leh!

According to the handwritten record, the most money he made in one day was on 12 March, which is the start of the March school holidays, with a total of $443.79. Then subsequently, he earned about $200 to $400 on each day and weekends he will earn about $300 to $400.

While the income record does not indicate the type of vehicle he used and the fuel costs the rider has incurred, it is believed that the food delivery rider rides a motorcycle to complete his delivery orders.

Netizens who saw the handwritten record were split into two camps. Some were skeptical of the handwritten record and don’t really believe can make so much money one, while others commended the rider for his hard work, saying that he deserved every single cent that he made.

Some netizens also find it unbelievable that the food delivery rider can work nonstop for 31 days without rest to make that amount of money. Some believed that it is possible if the rider works more than ten hours a day.

Possible to earn more than $8,000 a month if 2 riders share an account

Food delivery riders who saw the handwritten record shared with Shin Min Daily News that earning more than $8,000 a month is possible only if two riders share one account.

A 42-year-old food delivery rider told Shin Min Daily News that he believes that it is almost impossible for a person to make $8,000 a month by doing food delivery all on his own. He thinks that the rider might have shared the account with another rider. But can meh? Tia gong will kena banned one wor.

Husband does food delivery on behalf of sick wife, ends up being banned by Grab for violating regulations


“Possible to achieve if it’s done by two or three people,” he said.

He pointed out that he rides a motorcycle and completes about 25 deliveries a day. For each delivery, he earns about $5 to $6. For longer distances, he makes around $18 per trip. This gives him a monthly income of up to about $4,000.

“Usually, restaurants don’t give tips. Occasionally when customers don’t want their change, we will then get a tip of $1 or $2,” the rider added.

Another delivery rider who uses a bicycle to complete his deliveries said he believes that it is impossible to make so much money because there are currently a lot of riders out there doing food deliveries as well.

“I made $2,500 to $3,000 last month, and that’s after completing about 20 deliveries a day”, said the 35-year-old food delivery rider.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the reporter visited Toa Payoh Central to speak to several food delivery riders, but no one knew the real identity of the owner of the handwritten record even though it was circulating within the delivery riders’ network like wild fire.

So secretive leh.


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