When the TOTO HongBao jackpot prize is at $16 million, rain or shine also must queue!

When the TOTO HongBao jackpot prize is at $16 million, rain or shine also must queue!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’d know that this year’s TOTO Hongbao draw on Friday (11 February) has a prize of $16 million.

$16 million TOTO HongBao jackpot this Friday, who will bag the money home leh???

It is also the biggest jackpot since 2000.

In hope of winning the $16 million and becoming 暴发户 (newly rich) overnight, of course, rain or shine also must go and queue to buy TOTO, tio bo? Some more today is the second last betting day before the lottery draw!

Please loh, the rainy weather will not dampen our enthusiasm of wanting to become rich and block our 发财之路 (road to becoming HUAT)! It’s the Singaporean Spirit!

Check out all the snaking queues below:

@melvin7228Heng Ong Huat, 兴旺发。Toto 16 Million, very very long queue at Hougang Blk 685♬ 恭喜发财发大财 – M-Girls


@singaporeatriumsaleQueue situation for $16 million Toto at Blk 102 Yishun Ave 5 in Chong Pang City♬ 兴旺发 – 福建版大合唱


@singaporeatriumsaleQueue for $16 million Toto at Fairprice Xtra Jurong Point♬ 兴旺发 – 钟小萍


@singaporeatriumsaleQueues for $16 million Toto on 9 Feb 2022 3pm♬ Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head – B.J. Thomas


Reportedly, Singapore Pools will be extending their operating hours at its outlets tomorrow until 9pm. The draw will be conducted at 9.30pm on Friday (11 February).

Got buy got hope leh, mai tu liao! Faster go buy NAO. Who knows hor, maybe you will suddenly become rich at 9.31pm.

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