GrabFood rider got into an accident at Marina South Pier after his vision got blinded by direct sunlight

Poor GrabFood rider.

No wonder my lao bu always tell me 马路如虎口 (the street is as dangerous as a tiger). Even you remain vigilant and watch out for traffics, sometimes you still will mou twin twin for no reason get into an accident one.

Just like this poor GrabFood rider:

@sha_s2 a week has passed and everything still hurts & it was only a month since I got my bike out of the workshop😭 #tiktoksg #sgrider #grabfoodsg #cb400x ♬ Blinding Lights – The Weeknd


In case you cannot watch the video above, here’s a quick summary of what happened in the video uploaded by GrabFood rider, who goes by Luqman Sha on TikTok:

  • The GrabFood rider was riding his motorcycle on the right lane of Marina Coastal Drive when suddenly, his vision kena blinded by the direct sunlight.
  • After realising that he cannot see properly, he tried to keep a safe distance behind a van and tried to use his hand to block out some of the sunlight.
  • Then suddenly, the van in front of him changed lanes. And before the GrabFood rider could figure out why the van changed lanes, he was crashed into the back of a parked lorry and was thrown off his motorcycle onto the road.

His head also kena hit by a taxi when he was lying on the road, sibei poor thing sia.

According to the GrabFood rider, he had suffered some broken teeth, a broken finger, bruises, and body aches from the accident, but is, fortunately, recovering well.

You see lor, at times like these, when these delivery riders got into an accident, means their income also compromised because they 手停口停 (cannot work means no money).

Husband does food delivery on behalf of sick wife, ends up being banned by Grab for violating regulations

They don’t have things like medical benefits and insurance coverage to provide them with some financial relief while they stay at home and recover which can be quite jia lat one especially if they have a family to feed.

Can totally see why the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) is stepping up to want to take care of this group of workers liao.

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