Coffee shop customer complains that beer ladies have been chope-ing seats for their customers

Coffee shop customer complains that beer ladies have been chope-ing seats for their customers

A customer has complained that the beer ladies at a certain coffee shop have been chope-ing seats with beer buckets for their customers, which resulted in other customers not being able to find seats in the coffee shop.

Following the customer’s complaint, the beer ladies retorted that the beer buckets were placed on tables that are not occupied, and other customers could still sit down and have their meals at any time.

Shin Min Daily News reportedly received a call from a reader who did not want to be named, saying that he went to a coffee shop in Teck Whye Avenue to buy bao.

He initially had wanted to eat in the coffee shop, but he found that many seats had been occupied by the beer buckets. “They put the beer buckets on the empty tables, which I believe they do so to help reserve seats for their customers who have yet to arrive, which is annoying.”

When a reporter visited the coffee shop, the reporter found that the customers who went there for beer occupied almost one-third of the seats in the coffee shop, and beer buckets were indeed placed on two empty tables.

In response to the accusations, the beer lady claimed that the coffee shop had no other customers at the time, so the beer buckets were placed on the table.

“We usually put the buckets on tables that have been blocked out, but we didn’t expect to get complaints,” said the beer lady.

The beer girl emphasised that if the customers do not have a seat, they can highlight it and they will all be willing to remove the beer buckets from the tables.

“Even if there are beer buckets on the tables, customers can sit down if they want to eat.”

What do you think of this situation leh? Is it the beer ladies’ fault or the person who complained not flexible enough?

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