Raeesah Khan retorts Pritam Singh’s claim that she is a siao lang with professional witness


Anyone else is still following the Committee of Privileges (COP) hearings ah? Just when we thought this COP drama of Raeesah Khan and the Worker’s Party (WP) leaders like kena overshadowed by Wang Leehom’s divorce spat liao, it seems like now got latest development again wor.

Basically, if you never really follow the COP drama, the gist of it is like that:

  • Raeesah Khan: the WP leaders, including Leader of the Opposition and WP chief Pritam Singh told me to continue to lie and take my lies to the grave, so I just follow lor.
  • Faisal Manap: We all know Raeesah Khan’s lie but we just diam diam – act blur live longer.
  • Jamus Lim: I don’t know what Raeesah Khan told the WP leaders, I don’t know she confessed to them that she lied, I don’t know anything ah.
  • Sylvia Lim: I knew that Raeesah Khan has lied in the Parliament lah, but I never do anything lor. Because Pritam Singh is the lao da of WP mah, I thought he will handle it, so I leave it to him to handle lor.
  • Pritam Singh: Eh, don’t anyhowly accuse lim peh hor. Lim peh never ask Raeesah Khan to take her lies to the grave ok. Could it be that she has become siao already? You all want to call for some psychiatric report or evaluation on Raeesah Khan to see if she has become siao?

You got feel the 剧情 (story line) like a bit sek-sek, like a bit familiar? Because hor when this Wang Lee Hom kena exposed by the ex-wife for his infidelity, he also came out to spread rumour that his ex-wife 蕾神 as someone who is mentally unstable! Is this some new and popular move that everyone is trying to use now to confuse everyone???

On 22 December, Raeesah Khan hits back at Pritam Singh’s accusations that she is crazy and a siao lang with professional witness who verified that Raeesah Khan is perfectly fine and is of sound mind.

This professional witness is not anyhowly look for extra calefare on the street one hor. The professional witness is an acting chief and senior consultant of the department of forensic psychiatry at the Institute of Mental Health ok.

So hor, according to this psychiatrist, Dr Christopher Cheok, his assessment of Raeesah Khan is that she “did not suffer from any significant psychiatric disorder” that would impair her ability to speak truthfully.

Still got almost 2 more months to Chinese New Year leh wei, but it seems like WP is doing an early spring cleaning liao by sweeping Raeesah Khan under the carpet ah. Can just like that anyhow discredit people and accuse them of being siao one ah?

I thought last time Pritam Singh and Raeesah Khan still sibei friend-friend, Pritam Singh still so nice come out and defend Raeesah Khan when she got into some trouble over her old social media posts when she was contesting in the General Election leh.

Not only Pritam Singh is shunning Raeesah Khan like the plague, this Dennis Tan who is sitting on the COP panel also sibei bad to Raeesah Khan lor if you watch the COP hearing.

Now is maciam everyone trying to 翻脸不认人 (turning their back) and trying to disassociate themselves from Raeesah Khan leh. 再怎么说 (no matter what) you also got stand on the same WP boat together before leh. Need to like that meh?

Imagine someone whom you respect and who is supposed to help you and guide you turn around and say you are a siao lang. Sibei scary how fast and how much a person can change hor. No wonder Raeesah Khan so disappointed in the WP leaders.

If lao niang is Raesaah Khan, lao niang confirm say this back at Pritam Singh one: YOU THEN SIAO AH, YOUR WHOLE FAMILY SIAO!

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If you’d like to contribute your story to us, drop us an email at editors@sureboh.sg and we’ll review it. We read each submission that comes to us within two weeks of receiving it.

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