Toddler attacked by Peacock had to be stitched under general anesthesia as wound was too deep

Toddler attacked by Peacock had to be stitched under general anesthesia as wound was too deep

A three-year-old girl was left with a 3cm stitch on her face after being attacked by a pet peacock kept in one the bungalows near Serangoon Gardens. She was later admitted to the hospital for surgery under general anesthesia.

The incident took place on 28 November along a stretch of private property at Tavistock Avenue.

Zaobao reported that according to the child’s mother, Kris Chan, the family was walking along the street after a session at the playground when they spotted a house with a peacock. And upon reaching the intersection near Westport Road Park, the family stopped, as usual, to watch the pet peacock in the bungalow.

The mother of the child said that the unit’s gate was wide open, and her three-year-old was looking in from outside the gate.

“The peacock suddenly charged out and attacked my daughter aggressively. My husband rushed forward to protect her, but it was too late, and my daughter was already injured,” said Chan.

The family then took the child to the hospital, where she had to be put under general anesthesia for the cleaning and stitching of her wound as it was too deep.

In a Facebook post put up by Chan, photos show that the girl was injured under her left eye, which was around 3cm long.

The child’s clothes and skirt were also stained with blood. The poor child also looked haggard after receiving the stitches.

“That night, we were very distressed and exhausted physically and mentally,” said Chan

The girl’s family later found the owner of the peacock. However, the owner has not formally apologized, and the two parties have not reached an agreement on compensation at this point.

You can read the mother’s full Facebook post below:

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