Tampines woman ‘decorates’ HDB corridor with debris, scolds neighbours who ask her to stop


A woman in her 60s has been “decorating” the HDB corridor, reported Zaobao.

HDB Neighbour dispute

The decorations she put up are mainly of debris and fake flowers. Her neighbours have tried to persuade her to stop doing it, but they were told off and asked to take another route instead.

This case of neighbour dispute happened at Blk 316 Tampines Street 33.

When a reporter from Shin Min Daily News visited the block, the reporter found many pots of fake flowers on both sides of the corridor in one of the units located on the 5th floor. There was also a huge piece of marble sticker on the floor.

One of the residents told the reporter that said that the woman started putting up plastic flowers a few weeks ago. She revealed that the woman has been living in the unit with her husband and children for 27 years and was working as a cleaner in a hospital previously. However, the neighbour believed that she began behaving this way after she was laid off from her job, and her husband passed away not too long ago.

“She hasn’t been easy to get along with. She chases her tenants away and the police had to be notified because of quarrels,” the neighbour said.

She added that the woman used to grow flowers, and she would go to the hose next to the elevator to get water to water the plants.

“I have complained to the authorities about her before, so they put a lock to the hose. All her flowers withered.”

Another interviewee revealed that his wife has tried talking to the woman in hope to solve the problem but was told off by the woman instead. The woman even asked them to make a detour and walk the other way. “The marble sticker on the floor is slippery enough. If there is oil or water on it and someone slips and falls because of it, who will be responsible?”, he said.

Puts up picture of dead husband on metal gate

According to Zaobao, the woman seems to be missing her husband after his death a lot and hence she printed out the photo of the both of them taken when they were young and pasted it on her metal gate.

Based on observations, the woman pasted two identical group photos on her door. In the photo, the woman’s husband can be seen holding onto the woman’s shoulders tightly, and both of them were smiling happily with full of affection. It is believed that her behaviour stems from missing her dead husband too much.

Tampines neighbour dispute

In addition, her metal gate and the corridor were also decorated with a lot of Christmas hats and ornaments. Windmills are also erected against the wall.

Neighbours make a detour to avoid conflicts

A neighbor, who did not want to be named, revealed that he would always make a detour to avoid any conflicts with the woman, “Unless I am carrying heavy objects or rubbish, otherwise I would rather not pass by her house.”

The neighbour also cautioned that since the residents there are mostly elderly people, it might cause them to slip and fall easily if they are not careful.

Habit of lighting up candles worries neighbours

Reportedly, the woman also has a habit of lighting candles along the wall, which worries neighbours as it might cause a fire.

One of the residents revealed that while the plastic flowers don’t really bother her, but recently the woman has been lighting up candles against the wall, which is making her worry as it might cause a fire accident.

“The candles are above the plastic flower. If it falls and catches fire, the corridor and other neighbours’ homes may suffer.”

Zaobao reported that although the candles have a chassis, they are all placed on iron railings, which is not reliable.

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