5 reasons why you should get into cycling, RIDE NOW!

5 reasons why you should get into cycling, RIDE NOW!

Leisure travelling used to be many Singaporeans’ hobby until COVID-19 hits. Now that Singaporeans are stuck and cannot really go anywhere, many people have resorted to finding new hobbies and new things to do to spice up their lives.

Cycling is confirm guarantee plus chop one of them.

Suddenly got a lot of 彭于晏 (Eddie Peng) macam 破风 (To the Fore) the movie came to life like that.

Like this. But of course, only the outfit.

If you are still sitting on the fence, a bit ai mai ai mai (want, don’t want, want, don’t want), not sure whether to start cycling as one of your hobbies or not, here lao niang is going to list down 5 benefits of cycling, you can read liao then decide if you want to 入坑 (get started) or not!

1. Makes you look younger

According to a study conducted by scientists at Stanford University, cycling regularly can reduce signs of aging. Because when you cycle, you will sweat right? So when you sweat hor, your skin cells will flush out harmful toxins from your pores, and allowing flow of oxygen. It also maintains consistent blood flow in your body, making you appear fresher and younger! Your skin will become doi doi, 锁住一篇海洋!

2. Helps you to improve your posture

In the process of losing weight, most people will ignore or forget how to keep the correct posture while working out. However, cycling will correct your posture without you having to focus on it. After cycling for a while, you will notice that your body is becoming flexible, and you will also slouch less.

Cycling also helps you build your core, give you 🍫chocolate abs🍫!

3. Gives you good mood #positivevibesonly

Cycling not only give you physical health benefits, but it is also a sport that is good for our mental well-being!

Don’t say never tell you. In fact, a few minutes of cycling can boost your mood, bringing a positive vibe. This is because riding a bike makes you sweat, flushing out the toxins in your body. This allows higher intake of oxygen and blood flow, resulting is a refreshed brain and mind.

So next time when you are feeling grumpy or moody, go out and cycle!

4. Helps in preventing insomnia

Because cycling involves you both physically and mentally, so it will make you feel tired and helps you to fall asleep faster than you usually do. So, if you are suffering from insomnia or having difficulties falling asleep at night, try cycling bah. You never know leh, a few minutes of cycling maybe can change your life drastically!

5. Cycling will make you look sibei stylish and cool!

I mean, just look at this:

俊傑哥哥 😍😍😍

Who knows hor maybe one day you ride ah ride, will bump into 俊傑哥哥?

Say real one lah, it’s quite a cool hobby. Still can post on social media to #FLEX some more. Win-win situation. Even our Ah Jie Zoe Tay also started cycling.

She even went to cycle 5 hours just to draw the Merlion head! 41.76KM sia. #FLEX ah #FLEX.

Not just celebrities, politicians also cycle! #SibeiFit



NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng recently also joined the cycling trend. In a Facebook post yesterday, the labour chief said that he did a 55km ride.

Good to see many people started cycling as a means of staying fit. But also don’t forget to abide by the rules when you are cycling ok!

$150 fine for cyclists flouting traffic rules from 1 Jan 2022, up from the current $75


Stay safe, ride safely!

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