Man slashed by 2 other men armed with watermelon knives following dispute during smoke break

Man slashed by 2 other men armed with watermelon knives following dispute during smoke break

A man was allegedly slashed with a watermelon knife after getting into a fight with two men during a smoke break.

According to Zaobao, the victim had stepped out of a wedding banquet which he was attending for a smoke break when he got into an argument with two men. Later, the two men armed with a 25cm long watermelon knife each gave the victim a chase for about 200 metres.

The victim ran to the lawn in front of a coffee shop where he was overtaken and attacked. The assailants allegedly left the scene after the attack.

The slashing accident occurred at about 10pm on 14 November, in front of the Yue Hua coffee shop located in 118 Depot Road.

The reporter who went to the scene reported that the slashing incident took place in front of an Indian temple which was about 200 metres away from the coffee shop. At that time, a wedding banquet was being held in the temple, and the victim (37 years old) was also a guest of the wedding banquet.

The cousin of the victim, Suresh (33 years old), said in an interview that his cousin was smoking outside the temple when he got into a dispute with the two unknown men for some reason, unaware that the two men were armed with weapons.

Several guests came out upon hearing the quarrel, but the fight between the two parties intensified. Later, the two men took out their watermelon knives and chased after the victim who fled towards the direction of the coffee shop.

Members of the public who witnessed the scene described that the victim was overtaken by the two men when he ran to the lawn in front of the coffee shop. He was slashed and attacked for about two minutes. His two assailants then left the scene thereafter.

An employee working at the coffee shop told the reporter that the victim was wearing a white shirt at the time. She said, “The victim cried painfully as he was slashed, and everyone in the coffee shop could hear him. His white shirt was stained red with blood, and his hands were bleeding a lot too.”

The police reportedly rushed to the scene after being notified of the incident. Police officers sealed off the site and investigations are ongoing.

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