You will see an Otter swimming on your screen in your updated TraceTogether app!

You will see an Otter swimming on your screen in your updated TraceTogether app!

But paiseh hor, you will only see the Otter swimming on your TraceTogether app if you got guai-guai go pa jiam (get vaccinated).

This latest feature is available in version 2.11 and above of the TraceTogether app. Other than the sibei cute xiao Otter, the updated version of the TraceTogether app also will feature an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination and test statuses against a green background on the main check-in screen.

By the way, the cutie little xiao otter swimming is not just to act-cute only, but the purpose of it is so that the venue staff can verify that they are not viewing a screenshot. Because bo-bian, too many people like to play cheat liao!

With the latest feature and update, users will no longer need to go back to the main screen to show vaccination status after checking in like before liao, so ma-fan sia!

If you see GREEN background after checking in, it means:

  • Gong xi gong xi, you are vaccinated,
  • and your test statuses is cleared (if applicable)

If you still see a white colour background after checking in, it means either you haven’t pa jiam, or your test statuses still haven’t cleared yet.

For those who do a group check-in with your entire kampong, you will also see a white screen.

But mai kan jiong ok. According to GovTech, this is due to privacy and security reasons lah.

This green and white pass thingy will only be shown on your screen if you check-in using the SafeEntry QR code. If you do your check-in by tapping the app against a SafeEntry Gateway Box or SafeEntry Business App, you will not see the pass thingy appear on your screen one.

If your TraceTogether app is outdated liao, you can update the app on your Google Play Store or on your App Store.

Say real one, the Otter really sibei cute sia 

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