Squid Game Season 2 Confirmed: Are YOU ready?

Squid Game Season 2 Confirmed: Are YOU ready?

Lai liao lai liao, Netflix’s “Squid Game” is coming back soon. You ready for round 2 liao bo?!

Hwang Dong-Hyuk, the director and writer of Netflix‘s Squid Game has confirmed that Season 2 is on the way!

During an interview with the Associated Press, the creator of the mega-hit series said: “There’s been so much pressure, so much demand and so much love for a second season.”

“It almost feels like we don’t have a choice. The next season is in my head right now. At this moment, I’m in the planning stages. It’s too early to say when and how it will come out though. But I can promise this. The main character, Gi Hun, will be back and do something for the world,” the director continued.

Although the production staff previously already hinted at the possibility of a second season, but hor this is the first time that the director has said it himself that he is planning a second season!

While Netflix has yet to confirm whether they will renew the series for another season, but this good news is enough to make all of us excited liao sia.

Released on 17 September, the Squid Game follows Seong Gi-Hun, played by Lee Jung-Jae, as he and hundreds of other desperate and deeply indebted contestants compete in a violent and often grotesque competition to win the grand prize of 45.6 billion Korean Won (approximately SGD $51.9 million). However, the rule of the game is only one person can win the prize, and those who lose the series of children’s games pay with their lives.

Squid Game: Why is the prize money prized at 45.6 billion Korean Won?

If you have not watched this South Korean drama that took the whole world by storm, then you are really outdated liao! MAI TU LIAO, faster go and watch it NAO.

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