NTUC-SNEF PME Taskforce calls on Gahmen to provide unemployment support & benefits for PMEs

NTUC-SNEF PME Taskforce calls on Gahmen to provide unemployment support & benefits for PMEs

Last year in October 2020, a PME taskforce was formed to look into the needs of professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) can how can they be better supported and protected.

This PME taskforce, which was set up by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers’ Federation (SNEF), recently released a 60-page report which consists of the key concerns and challenges faced by PMEs, as well as recommendations on Gahmen policies can be shaped to address these issues.

In case you were wondering, these concerns and challenges are not anyhow suka-suka plucked from the skies one hor. It was gathered through a series of online surveys, focus group discussions and engagement sessions with more than 10,000 PMEs, union leaders and business leaders.

Top concerns of PMEs

After engaging the PMEs, the PME taskforce gathered that the PMEs are most concerned with the lack of job security, like scared they cannot find job if they kena retrenched, especially among the mature PMEs who are in their 40s to 60s.

They also feedback that they need more support in employment and training opportunities.

Many respondents also hoped for unemployment support to tide them through unemployment because 手停口停tio bo? Still need to eat no matter what mah.

As such, in their recommendations, the NTUC-SNEF PME taskforce has called for the Gahmen to consider giving an unemployment income support for all workers (including PMEs) who are involuntarily unemployed, among other recommendations.

Unemployment income support and benefits

While retrenchment benefits may be given in the event of involuntary unemployment, but not everyone gets it one wor. In most cases, only union members get fat fat retrenchment package because they got union to help them cham siong for better benefits.

Panasonic retrenches 700 staff in S’pore, moving manufacturing operations to Malaysia and China

Unbeknownst to many, retrenchment package is not mandatory under the Employment Act. As such, many PMEs may not get necessary support to tide them through the period when they are in between jobs.

So, the PME taskforce is asking the Gahmen to provide unemployment income support while worker look for a suitable job. Worker can also use this chance to go for training and upgrading their skills.

Other recommendations

In the 60-page report, the NTUC-SNEF PME taskforce also put forth some other recommendations to help PMEs. Some of these recommendations have been suggested by Labour MP Patrick Tay who has been lobbying for PMEs since 2011.

Labour MP Patrick Tay suggests 3 ways to strengthen Singaporean Core & protect Singaporean PMEs

Unless you sibei eng, got a lot of free time to read through the report, if not here are the 9 recommendations that the NTUC-SNEF PME taskforce has put together in the report:

Enhancing Workplace Fairness

Recommendation 1: Enhance fair employment practices through improving HR standards and strengthening enforcement against errant companies adopting unfair practices

Recommendation 2: Strengthen Singaporean core through enhancing EP application review process and facilitating skills transfer to local PMEs

Recommendation 3: Widen support for PMEs through review of legislation on PME’s representation

Providing unemployment support and benefits

Recommendation 4: Strengthen unemployment income support for PMEs who are involuntarily unemployed

Ensuring more hiring opportunities for mature PMEs

Recommendation 5: Assist mature PMEs to transit into meaningful employment through short term salary support

Supporting PMEs in career progression and skills upgrading

Recommendation 6: Build Singaporean leadership bench strength

Recommendation 7: Provide customised career coaching to support PMEs

Recommendation 8: Develop structured jobs and skills plans for PMEs through Company Training Committees (CTCs)

Recommendation 9: Strengthen the nexus between tripartite partners and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to prepare workforce for economic transitions and investment pipelines.

More people will have a louder voice. Hopefully, this 60-page report is long enough for the Gahmen to do more to help the PMEs!

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