Jamus Lim says S’pore should go maskless outdoors because S’poreans sian of wearing mask liao

Jamus Lim says S’pore should go maskless outdoors because S’poreans sian of wearing mask liao

Our Jamus Lim oppa 不愧 (no doubt) is drink ang moh water one. Even his thinking also so ang moh style leh. In a Facebook post on 21 September, Workers’ Party Jamus Lim boldly calls for mask-wearing to be eased outdoors.

To make his point, he listed 3 reasons.

1. Transmission rates are “far lower” outdoors than indoors

Jamus Lim said that after two years of living with the virus, our understanding of the virus has shown that transmission rates are far lower outdoors, as opposed to indoors.

While he acknowledges that the delta variant is very powerful and may get passed around outdoors, he also added that wearing masks alone won’t be able to stop the spread of the delta variant anyway.

2. Keeping the mask on constantly is stifling

He then reasoned that keeping mask on constantly is stifling in our hot and humid climate, especially for people who work outdoors (like cleaners and gardeners), who don’t have the “exercising” excuse to unmask.

3. People sian of wearing mask liao

Jamus oppa also said that the reason why people are ripping their masks off once indoors is also because everyone is sian of wearing masks liao.

He then explained his point using workers who unmask themselves in smaller meeting rooms and offices as example.

“There are clear signs of mask fatigue. But this is precisely the wrong way round. If we had to choose between indoor and outdoor masking, the former is clearly preferred, because risks of infection indoors are much higher,” he said.

You can read his full post below:

Although lao niang agree with him that wearing mask is sibei irritating because it melts all my chio make up and give me pimples!!! But compared to kena COVID-19, thanks leh, I rather keep my mask on. Protect myself and protect others.

What do you all think leh?

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