Ng Chee Meng calls for PMEs to join NTUC in Mothership interview, but kena dissed like siao

Ng Chee Meng calls for PMEs to join NTUC in Mothership interview, but kena dissed like siao

Last Sunday (19 Sep), Mothership published a 独家专访 aka exclusive interview with National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng.

In the interview, the Labour Chief spoke of the issues and challenges faced by the professionals, managers and executives (PMEs), especially amongst the older ones He also shared how NTUC can help PME workers when they face discrimination at work, or unfair treatment.

Other than the PME workers, Ng also touched on the things NTUC can do to help workers who have been laid off, particularly after a devastating global pandemic.

He believes that NTUC can help local workers, especially those who may be feeling anxious about competing with workers from foreign countries by preparing them and constantly keeping them at the forefront of our industries in order to compete internationally.

Secondly, PMEs who are part of a labour movement can also help to scrutinise the “small numbers of unfair companies”, whose actions bring down the remaining 99%of companies who treat their workers fairly.

Lastly, NTUC will do its part to maintain Singapore’s reputation as a place with strong institutions, a superb investment climate and an innovative environment to attract investors and create jobs, he said.

Netizens react to Ng Chee Meng’s call for PMEs to join the NTUC

Don’t know is it because he is from the ruling party or because now The Online Netizen kena closed down liao and netizens got nowhere to vent their anger and frustration so they all flocked to Mothership, but the post attracted A LOT of hate.

And when lao niang say A LOT of hate, I really mean the never give him any face kind of negative comments ok. He jitao kena hantam up down left right center in the comment section of the Facebook post sia.

Don’t believe? You ownself go and scroll through the comments in the Facebook post below lor.

The comments made by netizens are mostly about how the unions are of no help to workers.


Amidst all the hate comments, there are some who hate him simply because he’s a member of the PAP.

One even fat shame him!

So rude, lao niang cancel you ah! #saynotofatshaming

But why ah?

Why do people hate Ng Chee Meng so much? What did he ever done to these people to garner this kind of hate leh? You all know him personally ah?

Can someone please enlighten lao niang?

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