Man admits posting image of his wife having sex with her supervisor on Facebook

Man admits posting image of his wife having sex with her supervisor on Facebook

A 27-year-old man, who suspects his wife was having affair, stole his wife’s phone and found photos and videos of her with her supervisor.

The man then used his own phone to capture these images and videos and posted intimate photos of his wife on Facebook, claiming that he did not want others to “share the same fate as him”.

According to CNA, the man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, pleaded guilty on Tuesday (Sep 21) to a charge each of theft and distributing an intimate image.

Another two charges will also be considered in sentencing.

Took intimate photos and videos of his wife

On Feb 6, 2020, the man went to his wife’s home requesting to use the toilet, even though he had already moved out of the matrimonial home a few months ago liao.

After using the toilet in the master bedroom, the man took his wife’s mobile phone and ran out of the house, with his wife chasing after him. But she could not keep up with him. The man then looked through her phone as he suspected she was having an affair.

He found several intimate images and videos of his wife and then used his own phone to photograph and film the footage.

These include a four-second clip of his wife’s chest with her face partially visible, a 16-second video of her fully naked, and an image of his wife having sex with her supervisor at work, with both faces fully visible.

The man later returned to his wife’s home shortly after and returned the phone but did not tell her he already took photographs and recorded videos of his wife’s sexy times using his own phone.

Uploading them on Facebook to warn others

At around 8am on Feb 12, 2020, the man decided to post his wife’s intimate images on Facebook “so that everyone can see them”, the prosecutor said.

He claimed he did so as he did not “want others to share the same fate as him”.

He apparently set the post to “public” so that everyone could see it and also included the name and occupation of his wife’s supervisor in the post.

The man described the supervisor as a homewrecker and warned people to be aware of him. The post included the image of his wife having sex with her supervisor, as well as photos of her supervisor and screenshots of text conversations his wife had with her supervisor.

Within an hour of the posting, a friend of the supervisor informed him about the post, while the accused’s wife received calls from her friends telling her what happened.

The post went viral. It was shared about 2,000 times by 4pm that day, with about 3,000 likes and 1,000 comments.

The man later removed the post as he did not expect it to “receive so much attention”, he told the court. He will return to court for mitigation and sentencing next month.

For theft, the man could be jailed up to seven years and fined. For intentionally distributing an intimate image of another person, he could be jailed up to five years, fined, caned, or given a combination of these punishments.

Read until the end, lao niang’s only question is: How come lao niang never see the post leh?!

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