‘Talk to rich people nicely, you’re a poor girl’: 2 zha bor tio fined $3k each for verbally abusing auxiliary police officer

‘Talk to rich people nicely, you’re a poor girl’: 2 zha bor tio fined $3k each for verbally abusing auxiliary police officer

Another case of money cannot buy you class.

Recently, two women Koh Lee Yen, 50, and Chee Kam Fah, 49, were each fined $3,000 for verbally insulting an auxiliary police officer who approached them for smoking outside a designated area.

The poor auxiliary police officer was merely doing her job but mou twin twin kena insults from the two women who told her: “talk to rich people nicely, you’re a poor girl”.

According to Straits Times, the two zha bor each pleaded guilty to one count of using insulting words against a public service worker.

And apparently hor, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority records show that these two zha bor are shareholders and directors of jewellery retailer Gold Star Resources, and they also hold shares in other companies while Chee is a director in various firms leh!

The victim, Ms Asyikah Suri Kamsari, was on duty with her colleague outside shopping mall Lucky Plaza in Orchard Road last year (Sept 21) where the incident occurred. She was authorised under the National Environment Agency to carry out enforcement action against public health offenders.

She spotted the two zha bor smoking outside the designated area and approached them for their personal particulars, so that she could issue a summons to them. And that was when the two of them started verbally abusing her as she was recording their details.

Reportedly, they also uttered phrases such as “your salary how much, one thousand only one month I think” and “crazy girl, better go back and hug your pillow and cry, your salary not enough for me to buy a pillow… “.

One of them also used a vulgar word while the other zha bor scolded the officer in Mandarin and Cantonese. Chee then waved a $1,000 note at the victim, as Koh said: “You should just shut up and take the money.”

Urging the court to impose a fine of between $3,000 and $4,000 for each woman, State Prosecuting Officer Nasri Haron said the abuse was prolonged and “calculated to insult and degrade”. He also added that the victim as merely doing her job.

Both zha bor said that they were stressed at that time. One of them, Koh, said she was upset as she had seen Ms Asyikah let two men go despite catching them for a similar act of smoking outside a designated area.

However, District Judge Jasbendar Kaur replied that it was a different matter from using insulting words at the officer. The judge also said being stressed was not an excuse for the women to verbally abuse the victim.

For using insulting words towards a public service worker, Koh and Chee could have been each jailed up to a year, or fined up to $5,000, or both.

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