Malaysian Singer-songwriter Namewee uncovers heartbreaking situation in Malaysia hospitals

Malaysian Singer-songwriter Namewee uncovers heartbreaking situation in Malaysia hospitals

If you have been following the news, you will know that the COVID-19 situation now in Malaysia is quite bad.

Their number of cases each day now is like at least 4 digits one. Just yesterday (Aug 10) alone, Malaysia recorded 19,991 new Covid-19 cases. No joke leh.

As a result, their hospitals are also struggling to accommodate the COVID-19 patients – hospital beds not enough lah, the manpower and oxygen all these also not enough.

But really got so bad meh? If yes, how bad?

Malaysian Singer-songwriter Namewee recently took to his YouTube channel to share some “cruel truth” he found out about the current situation in Malaysia’s hospitals.

Basically, he also wants to know if the situation is really THAT bad or not lah, or just kena sensationalised by the news reporters. So, Namewee personally called up the hospitals in Malaysia to find out the situation at these hospitals (and shun bian ask if the Malaysia Gahmen is helping?)

In case you are too busy to sit through the 25-minute-long video uploaded on Aug 6, here’s what the video is all about.

Hospitals in Malaysia are now facing a shortage of medical equipment and supplies for the COVID-19 patients.

The hospitals are so overwhelmed now until the doctors now have to decide which patient should receive the treatment, which patient to save and which patient to not save.

Meaning to say hor, now they are caught in a situation whereby the doctors will prioritise saving a healthier young man who has a better rate of surviving than an elderly person with an underlying chronic illness – because medical supplies not enough.

Seeing how helpless these hospitals and healthcare workers (who are supposed to be saving lives and NOT deciding who gets to live and who doesn’t) are, he also very sad lah. So hor Namewee decided to take things in his own hands and help these hospitals. He also want to help raise awareness of the situation in Malaysia right now through his video, and also encourage those who can help to donate to the hospitals too.

Because according to him:

“If the Government cannot do anything to help, the people have to depend on each other”

He went to approach a donor who agreed to donate Malaysian Ringgit 1 Million to help these hospitals leh! Sibei respect him sia, this Namewee.

Say real one lah, not lao niang want to scold people hor. But seriously hor to those people who every day like to KPKB about our Gahmen, before you do that, you can go and take a look at other countries first? No need to look to far lah hor, just take a look at our neighbour across the causeway can liao. You don’t feel you are in a much much much better place liao meh?

Where in the world got Gahmen will provide its citizens with so much free testing one?

Where in the world got Gahmen will BEG YOU TOLONG YOU NAG YOU to go take your vaccination, FOR FREE ONE SOMEMORE?

Where in the world got Gahmen will roll out with so many support packages to help workers and businesses one?

Where in the world got Gahmen will work with partners and unions to help their citizens find jobs one? In case you don’t know hor, just last year Workforce Singapore and NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute have successfully helped 55,000 workers find jobs replacement when they were affected by COVID-19 leh.

Really ah, all these people is 身在福中不知福 (living in blessing but don’t know you kena blessed). Still want to complain so much. Want to scold also must be reasonable mah.

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