NTUC FairPrice launching a new discount scheme to help lower-income families

NTUC FairPrice launching a new discount scheme to help lower-income families

On July 12, NTUC FairPrice announced that they will be offering discounts to lower-income families every Thursday from Jul 15 until the end of the year.

All Community Health Assist Scheme (Chas) Blue cardholders will be able to enjoy a 3% discount at all 149 FairPrice stores, including FairPrice Finest outlets and FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets, as well as FairPrice on Wheels and all 84 Unity pharmacies.

To enjoy the discount, shoppers will be required to present their CHAS Blue cards at cashier counters or select the CHAS Blue discount option at self-checkout counters.

The discount is subject to a cap of $200 per transaction per day.

Help lower-income families through the COVID-19 pandemic

In addition to the previous discount schemes namely the Pioneer Generation, Merdeka Generation, and senior discount schemes, this new discount scheme is targeted at helping the lower-income families to help them alleviate their grocery expenses.

This new initiative will cost FairPrice an estimated $500,000.

Who gets the CHAS Blue Card?

According to the CHAS website, the CHAS Blue cards are available to those with a household monthly income per person of S$1,200 or less, or with an annual home value of S$13,000 or less for households with no income.


Heard of FairPrice on Wheels?

On top of these discount schemes to help Singaporeans moderate their cost of living, NTUC FairPrice also got this initiative called the FairPrice on Wheels, where they drive a truck filled with essential items such as rice, milk, cooking oil, bread, fruit, vegetables and toiletries to estates where senior citizens stay at so that they don’t have to walk out too far to the supermarket to buy their necessities!

Quite sweet lah hor!

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