Help the cleaners by returning your own tray!

Help the cleaners by returning your own tray!

Counting down to the day where we can finally eat out again! – But remember ah, when we can finally eat out again, please remember to clear your own litter from the table and return your own tray ok!

In case you don’t know, or just want to act blur, on 14 May, the National Environment Agency (NEA) already announced that from 1 June 2021 onwards, everybody must ownself clear their table and return their own trays.

Yes, including the tissue paper you used, the straw you used, the canned or bottle drinks you drank, and the leftover food you cannot finish! Basically is everything on the table lah! You need to clear them before you leave! Cannot gey siao throw the tissue paper into your soup and pretend it’s wanton anymore.

Don’t say Gahmen never pang chance k. From 1 June until 31 August 2021, as part of an effort to help the public adjust, no enforcement action will be taken. But from 1 September 2021 onwards, those who never follow the new rule, never clean up their own mess and clear their own trays will kena from the authorities liao.

Not difficult to clean up after your own mess

Actually, it’s not difficult to clear your own tray mah.

Last time in school, after you eat in canteen, you also ownself return your tray tio bo? For the guys who went through army, you all also ownself return your tray after you eat tio bo?

When you are at home, you also ownself bring your plates, your bowls, your utensils to the basin tio bo? When you are at your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s house, you even pretend to offer to do the dishes! Don’t gey siao and don’t think people don’t know.

Now is only ask you to clear your own litter and return your own tray after you are done eating at hawker centres nia – not asking you to wash your own dishes leh.

Help the cleaner uncles and aunties

Say real one, clearing your own table litter and tray not only will give convenience and better protection to the next person after you, but it will also help the cleaners a lot also leh. Some more these cleaners are usually elderly folks.

You see ah, we only start to realise how important cleaners are when Covid-19 pandemic happened.

Not only cleaners are essential workers who cannot work-from-home, but they are a lot more exposed to the virus flying around than most of us because we are also heavily dependent on them to keep our surroundings safe. Their job is so important to every one of us, so shouldn’t they deserve better treatment from us and ahem, better pay too?

And hor, if public can clear their own trays, cleaners can also use that extra time they saved to upskill themselves to become more productive leh. They can use the time to learn how to operate automatic dish washer, or they can even operate the smart tray return robots!

So please ah please, don’t just comment on Facebook and say the cleaners how pitiful how pitiful, how they deserve more and wait for people to like your comment or chio bu mei mei to add you.

Now is the time you walk the talk and use your action to help those elderly cleaners in a more effective way!

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