6 things to do during the Heightened Alert period

6 things to do during the Heightened Alert period

Don’t know what to do during this Heightened Alert period? Don’t worry, lao niang is here to give you some ideas and suggestions of what you can do!

1. Binge-watch Vincenzo on Netflix

Oh please, Song Joong-ki alone is enough reason why you should watch the drama!!!

But ok lah, say real one, other than Song Joong-ki is the reason why you should watch Vincenzo, the drama itself is also worth watching ok. From crime and law to romance and comedy, it has everything to keep your interest high throughout the 20 episodes.

Aiyo, you see this face lah, how not to love???

Lao niang is willing to fork out $19.98 a month for the Netflix subscription just to see this face in HD  


2. Start a workout routine

Unless you want to become BBFA, and not scared of not being able to fit into your outfits anymore, then you better do some workouts and keep yourself in shape instead of finding jwei jwei excuses to talk yourself out of exercising!

I know I know, we are told to stay at home and not go out as much as possible. But who say you can only exercise outside? At home also can do exercise one. Just do a simple search on YouTube, you will find tons of home workout videos.

If you scared your neighbour downstairs come up and look for you with their parang knife, there are also those workouts that require no jumping like the one above. No equipment needed some more!


3. Marie Kondo your room, throw away things that you don’t need

If you are one of those who always say no time to pack your room or house, now you can use the time you have at home to Marie Kondo your room or your house liao.

You can start by getting rid of all the trash you have lying around and then slowly throw away those things that you no longer need. If the item you are holding no longer sparks joy, THEN THROW! 旧的不去, 新的不来 – throw out old things and make way for new things!


4. Try a new recipe

Not talking about Dalgona Coffee lah, that one outdated liao!

How about trying a new recipe? Don’t know what is it lah, you can experiment with different ingredients yourself and explore on your own. If success liao you can even upload on TikTok.

Who knows right? You might be the next up and rising TikTok star!


5. Upskill yourself!

If you think all the above too shallow for you, you want “depth”. Then how about using this chance to pick up a new skill or two?

In celebration of NTUC’s 60th anniversary, NTUC LearningHub is rolling out their LHUB GO Grow60 package where NTUC members can access 60 different popular courses at only $6/year.

Got courses on Personal Development, Digital Skills, and Technology Skills. Maybe by the end of this heightened alert, you can hao lian to your family and friends with your newly acquired skill.


6. Learn how to present yourself with CONFIDENCE

You know, like 闭关修炼 (closed-door practice)?

If you are looking for a job, or best if you are preparing for an upcoming interview, then all the more you need to know the tips on how you can present yourself more confidently, tio bo? Aiya, no need a lot of time, you only need 3 minutes of your life to watch this video below to learn the tips!


No link at all, but just want to leave this GIF here before I end this post because lao niang can:

You can ride me, OPPA I mean my bicycle!

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