All you need to know about the MOE versus Transgender Student Saga

All you need to know about the MOE versus Transgender Student Saga

You confirm haven’t WOKE up yet if you have not heard of the saga over this transgender student who alleged that the Ministry of Education (MOE) is interfering with the student’s decision to go on hormonal treatment.

In case I also kena accused of misgendering hor, lao niang shall refer to the student as human being – because correct mah the student is human being right? Not dog, not cat, not hamster, not hippopotamus.

Okok, anyway the long story short is:

  • On 14 Jan, got one 18-year-old human being wrote on Reddit to complain that MOE had intervened, preventing the human being, who is a junior college student from obtaining a doctor’s referral letter to begin hormone therapy.
  • The post then jibaboomz! A lot of sibei WOKE LGBTQ supporters sibei triggered. Because must stand in solidarity with 兄弟姐妹 (sisters and brothers) and suppork them ok?
  • 2 days later, on 16 Jan, MOE took to a Facebook post to respond to the allegation.
  • In the post, MOE said they never cockblock I mean interfere with human being’s decision to go on hormone replacement therapy.
  • MOE said that schools will work closely with MOH’s healthcare professionals, and they respect whatever professional advice is given.
  • MOE also said that they are not in a position to interfere with any medical treatment and they leave it to the family to decide.

No surprise also lah, the post also invited a lot of sibei woke LGBTQ SIS and BRO to come out and scold MOE, and ask MOE, “wHy YoU sTiLL MiSgEnDeRiNg hEr?”

At this point, lao niang still 傻傻分不清楚 (blur blur cannot differentiate) – don’t know should use the pronoun of him or her leh? Say him also wrong, say her also wrong. So is what lah?

Lao niang only know, don’t care you inside your heart imagine yourself is fairy or unicorn, as long as the gender on YOUR NRIC says you are Male means you are still Male, says you are Female means you are still Female!

And you know hor, the civil servants always 黑白分明 (follow black and white) one what, to them black is black, white is white. They follow NRIC mah, why blame them.

*Queer Organisation Sayoni Enters the Chat*

Then on 19 Jan, an organisation known as Sayoni also want to chap one leg, they also follow people put out one longass “statement of solidarity” on their Facebook wor.

In the post hor, they identified the 18-year-old human being as “Ashlee” and also said this “Ashlee” person is currently a student studying at a school starting with letter M* (lao niang very kind, help “Ashlee” censor diao).

Although the student’s name has been revealed by TODAY when they reached out to the student for comments lah, but lao niang scan through the whole article, they never name which school the student is studying in wor.

This organisation that claims to empower queer women can like that come out and shout the name and school loud loud in Facebook meh? They not putting the student at risk meh? From what I gathered, the student told TODAY during the interview, the student had only wanted to be known as “Ashlee”, and even asked for the school NOT to be named lei.

Now this like that shout loud loud to the world, isn’t it like telling your all 3 姑姑 6 婆 (gossipy) neighbours in the neighbourhood that your husband’s little brother didn’t perform properly in bed last night?

At first you say to stand in solidarity, then now you give so many hints, make it so easy for people to know who this “Ashlee” is. Why ah? Scared people don’t know who is “Ashlee”? Want to make “Ashlee” paiseh or is it you ownself want to have clout, so you need to get more followers leh by riding on “Ashlee’s” story leh?

The family ok with such disclosure ah? You got ask the family for permission? They okay with you so big mouth help to share so much details? Like that got help or protect “Ashlee” at all meh?

This Sayoni also very funny de leh. Keep deleting comments on their post when people don’t agree with them or write what they don’t want to see. You want to have your rights to fight for the rights of the Transgender student, but you don’t give people rights to voice out what they want to say ah? Can meh?

Sorry hor, I not homophobic but lao niang also know you cannot FORCE people to accept what they cannot accept yet. You want people to accept you for who you are, then you also should practice what you preach and accept this angry uncle for who he is, accept it that there are people who don’t support having LGBTQ in our society (yet), ok?

It’s like you cannot force people to vote the political party you like.

It’s like you cannot ask your rabbit to do your homework for you.

It’s like you cannot force Ivan Lim to not be an arsehole.

It’s like you cannot change Chee Soon Juan since his character of a liar is permanent liao.

It’s like you cannot ask ti gong pek to let you strike 4D every week.

Last time my lao bu bring me to see one Tang-Ki (Shaman). The Tang-Ki say last time in my previous life, I am a royalty. No wonder lao niang always feel like I on a different level than normal human being lah! So lao niang also always imagine myself as royalty. But I also never force people to worship me or call me 娘娘 or greet me 娘娘吉祥 when they see me.

So, the moral of the story is, NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU! Some things just cannot be forced. 勉强没有幸福! Give and take, live and let live is the best

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