[BREAKING] Yet another PSP party member leaves the Party!

If you can remember hor, less than 1 year ago, we reported that Michelle Lee, the vice-chairman of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), was asked to leave the party.

The news came as shock lah because Michelle was like Secretary-General Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s 心腹 (favourite) you know!

Fast forward to a few days ago, yet another PSP member announce on her Facebook page that she’s leaving the party!

To cut the long story short, Kala Manickam is an ex-candidate of PSP who contested the general election last year in the Nee Soon GRC.

In her post, she said that she noticed several glaring lapses and shortcomings in the PSP, so she tried to highlight them to the management hor, but she kena ignored time-and-time again.

Then the final straw finally came when she highlighted the misinformation a prominent fellow party member made on Covid-19 but once again, she was ignored.

In case you didn’t know who is that “fellow party member” is hor, it’s none other than Bread, I mean Brad Bowyer, who said nonsense like there is no need to wear mask and maintain social distancing in the midst of a public health pandemic. This ang moh apparently also expressed his distrust in the Covid-19 vaccines.

She also said in her post that PSP has failed to publicly clarify its position on Covid-19 relating to matters like vaccinations, masking-up, safe-distancing, opening-up the economy, etc. Then came 31 Dec 2020, her membership with PSP also ended.

New development in this PSP saga

After Kala Manickam’s post, naturally, there will be a lot of people who will be kpo about what actually happened.

In response to queries about Kala Manickam’s departure from the PSP, PSP’s assistant secretary-general Francis Yuen said that memberships don’t lapse one wor, either the person must resign, or their membership kena terminated.

Wah, like that 意思浅浅 right? If Kala Manickam ownself never terminate, means she kena terminated right???

Also tia gong Kala Manickam tried to renew her membership lei, but she kena blue ticked aka no response from the party.

Aiyo jin jialat leh this PSP. How many people have they kicked out / chase out from the party liao? First is the expulsion of 2 members – Daniel Teo and Jan Chan, and Michelle Lee leaves, then later Ravi Philemon also quit.

Now Kala Manickam also say goodbye.

Ah Bock ah, Ah Bock, just how messed up is your Party? Is it because you cannot accept other people’s opinions? 忠言逆耳 lei Ah Bock. Honest advice is unpleasant to the ear one, but also must listen mah. Like that how to let you lead Singapore when your smol smol little Party is so messy liao? Hais.

Nevertheless, all the best to you Kala! Lao niang admire your courage to stand up against that chao ang moh’s ‘dangerous opinions’ on Covid-19 measures and vaccines!

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