#LaoniangExplain: ICT Foreign Talent import family backdoor tio jammed by MOM

#LaoniangExplain: ICT Foreign Talent import family backdoor tio jammed by MOM

Hoseh liao, tia gong now those foreign employees of multinational corporations (MNCs) who are posted by their companies to work in Singapore branch as an intra-corporate transferee (ICT) cannot bring their family members and their whole kampong with them to Singapore via dependant’s passes or long-term visit passes anymore liao!

These FTs normally get a job in their home country, then are flown in by their companies to work in Singapore branch as an intra-corporate transferee (ICT), means no need to wait for 14 days advertising requirement to come here you know?

But hor because last November, MOM say they want to draw a clear line between these ICTs and other EP holders, now these MNCs cannot suka-suka say they want to import their ah mao or ah gou or whoever they like to come Singapore to work anymore.

They can only import ICTs who must have worked for their company for at least 1 year before they can post them out the branch, affiliate or subsidiary in Singapore.

MOM also said that an ICT is allowed entry into Singapore for a period strictly limited to the provision under the applicable FTA, plus they cannot suka-suka extend their stay. An ICT is also not allowed to look for another job in Singapore or for permanent residency, after upon the expiry or termination of his or her work pass. They must balek kampong.

But hor, unfortunately, this rule does not apply to ICT if they come from countries that have a free trade agreement (FTA) with Singapore that stipulates that they can bring their families with them.

Meaning to say hor, if Leonardo DiCaprio wants to bring his ah gong, ah ma, laopeh, laobu, bor and kias to Singapore, because he kena posted by his company to sell Titanic Popcorn in Singapore, he must:

  • Be an EP holder
  • Have at least work in Titanic Popcorn company in his home country for more than 1 year

And he cannot say he wants to spend more time in Singapore, go explore Geylang or Orchard Tower after his contract ended. He also cannot say he wants to go work as waiter in siam diu after he quits Titanic Popcorn because he is not allowed. HE MUST BALEK KAMPONG.

But if Chris Hemsworth kena posted to Singapore to set up a 五金店 (hardware shop) to sell hammers in Singapore, he can still apply for dependent’s passes or long-term visit passes for his family, but subject to prevailing criteria. Because he is from Australia mah – don’t forget we got sign the Singapore-Australia FTA hor.

Same for the family of workers from India, who are covered by the India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement.

Sibei dulan and sibei buay song right? Lao niang also.

But like what Labour MP Patrick Tay said in his Facebook post, in my own words hor, while we cannot afford to close our doors to foreign professionals because bo bian, we need their specialised skill sets, we can continue to baotoh the towkays who like to hire their own kind and discriminate against our own Singaporeans.


Just like these 400 suay kuan companies who are being scrutinised by the MOM because they have been potentially discriminating against Singaporeans in their hiring!

Patrick Tay also ask the Gahmen to be more transparent and share how many ICT applicants are approved every year. He also pushed for them to share more information like the number of dependents approved! All this information will help address the concerns among Singaporeans that foreign professionals may steal your jobs!

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