Former engineer kena retrenched at 60, now works as a nurse

Who say old people tio retrenched means end of the world, means they cannot find a job anymore?

And who say old people are useless? Then you all better make sure you all got 仙丹 (magical potion), eat liao can 长生不老, become immortal hor.

This uncle will prove you all wrong and show you that he is probably even more steady than most got-legs-got-hands de siao lian eh (young people) these days.

Uncle Clement Ng Cheng Chuan used to be an engineer. But then suay-suay, one day he kena retrenched after working for more than 30 years in the oil and gas industry.

At his age, most people will probably think “Aiya, limpeh also old liao, now kena pok liao want to find job who will want to hire limpeh sia. Just retire sua.”

Actually don’t say old people, a lot of young people also maybe think like that! A bit a bit want to give up, a bit of hardship also cannot take one.

But Uncle Clement didn’t think that way. Instead, he felt that he was not ready to retire and wanted to continue to contribute to the society.

He could have just sat at home and shake leg, and just let his 3 adult children support him wor, but he didn’t. He went to enroll himself in a two-year professional conversion programme (PCP) for registered nurses in 2017 and started studying for a nursing diploma. Because he wants to continue learning and help others, especially the elderly.

Now 63-year-old, Uncle Clement is working as a staff nurse caring for the elderly at St Luke’s Hospital in Bukit Batok. He spends his time making sure that patients receive the right medication, and also look after their well-being and also help to follow up on doctors’ orders.

He said that age is not a barrier for him (and those who want to work in the healthcare industry). Uncle Clement wants to become a nurse, he works towards it to achieve it.

Steady la Uncle Clement! You the man sia! Lao niang give you two thumbs up!!!

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