7 things that you need to know about the Parti Liyani case

Let’s go parti parti all night, oh oh oh! Steady la, Parti! You can go and PARTY now!

If you have been following the news, you will already know that this domestic worker Parti Liyani who was accused of stealing her tow kay’s things was cleared of charges.

And instead hor, her tow kay Karl Liew, who is the ah sia kia of the former Changi Airport Group Chairman Liew Mun Leong, now kena charged with giving false evidence and information.

Sibei plot twist maciam watching drama sia.

This case also triggered a lot of people, make them angry and feel a lot about Singapore’s criminal justice system and the way the case is being handled lah. So, in response to this, Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam yesterday gave a lor sor speech in Parliament to explain why.

In case you lazy to read the article, donch you worry. Lao niang is here to help you summarise his lor sor speech:

1. The Liew family already long long ago want to ask Parti Liyani to balek kampong liao

Justice Chan Seng Onn say that the Liew family SUDDENLY go and terminate the maid, so he thinks that they are trying to be shady and want to prevent Parti from going to MOM to complain.

But hor, after further investigations, it was found out that the Liew family actually long long time ago already told the maid agency that they wanted a new maid liao, after they suspected that Parti is stealing their things.

2. The police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) had handled Parti’s case as a normal theft case

They just did their job as how they had always dealt with theft case.

They don’t care is Ah Mao, Ah Gou, Chio Bu, Yan Dao, JJ Lin or Jay Chou, who report the case, they also will handle it like how they ALWAYS handle it. Even if Black Pink or BTS want to interfere in the case, want to seduce the mata or ACG also no use, they won’t give them special service.

However, Min. Shan got admit that the investigation process got lapses and he will ask all of them to go and 跪算盘 (kneel on abacus), meaning disciplinary action will be taken lah.

3. AGC bo bian need to charge Parti because she also got commit crime and is got evidence one

Say real one, if you go and read this report hor, this Parti also like not 省油的灯 (not so simple).

A while she say she never steal, then later she prata again and say she took the things because she ASSUME that her tow kay don’t want them liao. Next time she kena questioned again, she still say she never steal, she just took the things WITHOUT PERMISSION.

黑人问号 sia.

Anyway, a lot of investigations went on lah, then they found sufficient evidence that Parti also not truthful in her statements, so they decided to charge her for theft. Tsk tsk.

4. Karl Liew the Ah Sia Kia’s sibei questionable evidence and guai lan conduct during trial

Shouldn’t stereotype people just because they sibei rich, but this Ah Sia Kia apparently was very hao lian and not cooperative during the trial. Don’t want to give evidence properly and all the wu eh bo eh.

Aiyoh, headache ah.

6. Attorney-General (AG) Lucien Wong recused himself from the case because he scared he won’t be able to handle the case objectively

Long long time ago, Attorney-General (AG) Lucien Wong used to be in the board of CaptiaLand. But in 2006, he resigned over differences of viewpoints with Liew Mun Leong who was the president and chief executive officer of CapitaLand at that time.

Hence, Lucien Wong recused himself from ACG when they review Parti’s because he scared his history with Liew Mun Leong will affect him from viewing the case objectively.

Aiya, to put it simply, since they kind of know each other since many years ago, he confirm also want to prevent tongues from wagging mah. That’s why he recuse himself from the case bah. We all know how 贱 (evil) people’s mouth can be like right?

6. The District Judge had convicted Parti after she really prata TOO MANY times

Just now point 3 already say liao lor, she awhile say don’t have, then next time you ask her again her answer becomes different again. So is have or don’t have leh???

By the way, she said she picked up 2 iPhones, jewellery and a Prada bag from the rubbish bin leh. Wah, which rubbish bin? Lao niang also want to pick up!

7. In the end, the High Court acquitted Parti because the tow kay obviously also very suspicious and they also bo chap about the items that were claimed to be stolen

The High Court found that there had been a break in the chain of the items, from 29 Oct 2016, when they were found in the boxes by the Liew family, to 3 Dec 2016, when the Police visited the scene.

The High Court judge also think the witnesses were not very credible, and that all the statements may be invalid with inaccuracy because of the way the questions were being asked and the grammatical errors.

HEHE, is it they also use Singlish like lao niang?

This drama is it finally ended liao? You buay sian, lao niang see liao also very sian. Let’s all move on from this case liao lah.


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