#LaoniangWalktheGround: 4 types of teammates you meet in school (GE2020 edition)

Imagine running Singapore is like doing a group project in school. And the different political parties are the team members you meet in school.

Again ah I want say first hor, these are purely based on my own observations and for fun only k. Don’t scold me please.


PAP is the elite, the guai kia and the teacher’s pet which everybody also don’t like.

Very smart and also very hardworking. Often kena say by others that they act smart, not a team player, overbearing and don’t listen to feedbacks and suggestions.

Why like that leh? Because this straight As student is very results-driven and no nonsense one.

If someone else in the team suggests an idea or something, this PAP kia will ask you to show statistics, figures, numbers… basically evidence to support your idea lah. So, if you cannot support or your idea not feasible, not workable then your idea will jitao kena strike off.

Fierce. But also spoil market until ownself cannot eat snake and produce substandard work.



WP leh is like the very popular student in school. A lot of friends, very sociable.

Very WOKE too.

Very emotional and quite vocal too. If you don’t let other teammates speak up or share their thoughts, WP will be the first person to call you out.

They got a lot of big plans and ideas, but also don’t know can work or not. They just throw out only because they know got PAP the smart kia to go figure out and decide can work or not.



PSP is like the not very focused teammate.

A while will bring the friend come macam want to join in the discussion and do the project together, but in the end say, “Oh no lah! My new friend mah, so bring him come here chit chat and lim kopi only”.

Then next moment sit down there play Instagram because wanna be #HypeBeast.

Also like to throw out a lot of suggestions and ideas. But when you ask them to share more details about their suggestions or plans, they will reply you, “why should I tell you?”

Wow, xiao attitude.



SDP is the teammate that always tries very hard to make his/her presence felt.

Also always try to give ideas and suggestions but never really go and think through if the idea is feasible or not and sustainable or not?

Occasionally will disappear from discussions because kena caught by discipline master for spreading lies or cheating in class, so must go detention.

Also forever the first one to claim credit macam the work done by him/her when praised by teacher and go like, “妈!我做到了!” (Mom! I did it!), but in actual fact this bugger never do anything at all 🤷🏻‍♀️


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