#LaoniangWalktheGround: All you need to know from PM Lee Fullerton Rally Speech

If you are like lao niang, sibei busy until no time to watch PM Lee lor sor in his Fullerton Rally this afternoon, here are all the points that you need to know.

PM Lee Fullerton rally

Every generation also got crisis one. PM Lee say for this generation, our crisis is the Covid-19 pandemic loh.

But why the oppositions never say anything on how Singapore should deal with Covid-19 ah? Before the election and never say, during election also diam diam, aiyoh.

You see, the Gahmen so kan jiong about Covid-19 until they came up with 4 budgets to help Singaporeans.

He also reminded Singaporeans to not forget that Singapore will always need to attract investors in one ah. So hor, no matter what happens, Singapore must show these investors that we are steady pom pi pi so that they will believe in us and come here do business. They come here do business then we will have more jobs created for Singaporeans.

So, mai luan luan vote ok? Vote for who you want to take care of you and the Party you want.

And to the siao lian eh (young people), 年轻真好 (young is good) right?

Can chiong, can party, jin happy. But he also ask these siao lian eh don’t forget to do things which are helpful and contribute to society ok? Because we all want a country that is caring and citizens are nice mah, tio bo?

So he ask everybody to work together to create and transform Singapore. Then 36 years later we can do a #throwback together.

You will also feel xiao proud of yourself for building Singapore one.

You can watch the full video here:


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