#LaoniangWalktheGround: Who says GE is boring? SO MUCH DRAMA LEH!

This GE announcement just came out a few days back only, so much drama liao.

Macam sit roller coaster like that leh, sibei exciting sia. But lao niang not complaining hor, because lao niang like!

Old birds stepping down one by one

If you haven’t heard about it, yesterday Pritam Singh announced at a press conference that our favourite Teo Chew Uncle, Low Thia Kiang and former MPs like Chen Show Mao and Png Eng Huat will not run in the upcoming GE liao.

Is it that’s why Workers’ Party now like change head change face, become jiak gan tang ang moh pai instead of eat Teo Chew porridge?

Lao niang will definitely miss the sibei fierce, sibei satki Uncle Low and his filly felleh Teo Chew one!

Then hor, yesterday ESM Goh Chok Tong also say he not running in this GE and want to retire liao. Now is it he can go and take more boomer pictures and share on his Facebook liao?

By the way, this Goh Chok Tong was in the politics for 44 years leh! 44 years!!!! Sibei long. Respect ok. I bet with you some of us cannot even stay in ONE job for more than 3 years. You see the Nicole Seah jie jie, she party-hop how many times liao 🙊 Sis, you make up your mind liao mah?

Wah, lao niang type halfway then deng deng deng! “Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan to retire from politics after 19 years”.

Seems like all these old birds really retiring one after another leh. Means lao niang also “maturing” sia, sob sob.

Ok lah say real one, whether you like these politicians or not, lao niang think we still need to give them credit when it is due lah. So, thank you ah!

Lee Hsien Yang not among Progress Singapore Party’s candidates for GE

In another news, this Yang Yang like still haven’t decide he want to run in GE or not lei. Still haven’t make up his mind meh?

But he macam become the face of PSP liao lei. If he never run then why chut so many stunts ah? Still go record message on video all. Is it PSP got give him advertisement fee? 广告费?

Then in the video, this Yang Yang said: “The PAP has lost its way. My sister Wei Ling shares this view too. In fact, she said so in a Facebook post in August 2016 before Oxleygate.”

LOL Yang Yang ah Yang Yang, 你妹算哪根小葱头?

Why you need to mention her ah? She running GE meh?

Is it now want to bring your own personal hatred for your brother into the political scene?

You think this one masak-masak ah? Can you not?

Don’t play play lei. This one concern Singapore’s future lei, not about your favourite Barbie doll ah.

You want to join politics to create a better Singapore then ok lah. But can don’t bring your family issues in? You not sian, we see you fight also sibei sian already.

Ivan Lim drama

This one is also another drama leh, more exciting than channel 8.

The moment PAP announce their new candidates with this Ivan Lim inside, all the people who bear grudges with him in the past start to come out and drag him all over sia.

Say he hao lian, selfish, only care about himself, no integrity, don’t care about other people, etc etc. Sounds quite bad lah. Say until like Ivan Lim is his 杀父仇人 like that. Or he snatched his 马子 or something?

The thing is, Ivan Lim is married leh. If he really so bad, who will marry him? It’s like JJ Lin still single, then how come this Ivan Lim is married? You know what I mean? So lao niang think hor, maybe take this kind of anecdote with 1kg of salt first. Maybe is people 眼红, 见不得别人好, jealous him and purposely come out and throw dirt on him?

Wait ah wait! Before you accuse lao niang, say lao niang IB (Issa Beauty), lao niang say this is because lao niang also tia gong from my reliable source that also got people praise him, say he not so bad one lei.

Like this person also say he ok.

👆🏻 This one not mine ah, is people forward one ah.

But too bad my reliable source say don’t want to share the proof, because now everyone scold Ivan Lim until so jia lat jia lat liao, he don’t want to become another public enemy also.

Ivan ah Ivan, maybe you should just come out and clarify? Just come out and say something lah.

Lao niang wait you.

And then hor, if you really kena stress by all these people until you decide not to become MP hor, lao niang gai siao you go visit job fair.

Tia gong got many new job fairs coming out also. You also can visit SUN Xueling. She can help you.


Oh but wait. MP is not a job. Ivan Lim is still with Keppel. Paiseh paiseh, sala information.

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