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#LaoniangWalktheGround: WP video & other japalang updates

#LaoniangWalktheGround: WP video & other japalang updates

Lao niang really very curious how much money Workers’ Party (WP) blew on their GE video lei.

Must have cost a lot lah! You see the quality, really macam movie. Some more got the bombastic music at the background. So boomz one.

Really got goosebumps and will make you xiao emotional even though lao niang period haven’t come yet. Must say it is really money well-spent lah hor.

Very smart also. Got lowkey wayang about simi kampong spirit, say want to touch Singaporeans through shared experience and all.

Then I also want to say the appearance of Nicole Seah also xiao cringe sia. Suddenly the music so boomz and macam Avengers like that. Is it she Captain Marvel???

Compared to PAP’s boring and conservative way of introducing their candidates hor, WP win them liao lor.

PAP is like your wife at home, every day do housework, take care of the family, cook for you, won’t say things to siao kian you just to make you happy, 有话直说, straight to the point kind. You not good in bed she will jitao tell you and then maybe buy some tongkat ali to ask you try harder.

On the other hand, WP is like the young, hot, and popular girl you meet at the club. Will tell you sweet nothings like you jin yan dao, jin man, jin powerful, make your heart flutter a bit and then you will ask yourself, “WOW IS THIS TRUE LOVE?”

So, if ask you who you like and ask you to choose, you of course will choose the WP type right? Who don’t like 新鲜感 / feeling of excitement? Else why got so many people cheat on their wives. Tio bo?

If you haven’t see the video, go see!


Macam watch movie right!

So hip lei, no more lao kok kok. Now is young and cool. Pritam really giving WP a new facelift ah? Scrape diao Uncle Low’s old DNA liao. Is it don’t want to talk to boomer uncles and aunties, only want to attract young people like lao niang?

Singapore Democratic Alliance’s Desmond Lim xiao buay song with People’s Voice’s Lim Tean

So the leader of the People’s Voice (PV), Lim Tean just announced in his Facebook that his party will send a total of 12 candidates across 5 constituencies, which are Jalan Besar GRC, Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, Pioneer SMC, Mountbatten SMC and Punggol West SMC.

That means hor there will be 3 parties, the People’s Action Party (PAP), Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) and now PV fighting for the Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC.

But seems like SDA chairman Desmond Lim xiao upset with Lim Tean because Lim Tean didn’t tell him that he also want to contest in Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC.

Fight ah fight! Lao niang like to watch!

More PAP candidates revealed

Ah, neh neh! You see!

Is a xiao boring and conservative way of introducing their new candidates, right?

Press conference lei.

But hor seems like this time PAP really want to bring in people from different backgrounds liao. Now got people from private sector liao. Want to suan them for bringing only people from public sector, civil service and army also cannot.

Then you see their credentials, can feel a bit like PAP trying to 亲民 (connect to the ground) with candidates of your typical Singaporeans success stories – grow up poor, study hard get bursaries and excel at studies, get a good job and want to give back to society kind.

Good move to move away from elites and give more everyday people like you and me a chance to be a voice for Singaporeans lah hor.

So, like that is it lao niang also got chance to become politician???

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