#LaoniangWalktheGround: Election coming!

Wah wah wah, lai liao lai liao, General Election (GE) really lai liao.

Heard people saying, “Election coming!” for the past 5 years, this time election is really coming liao! Jin excited!

But since lao niang is not SUN Xue Ling but SOON Xue Ling (or you 傻傻分不清 / blur blur cannot tell?) and cannot be politician, cannot join election, but lao niang will be “walking” the ground to bring you all daily updates. Steady bo?

So, if you kpo, want to know what is happening in the world of politics, lao niang is here to save the day, because lao niang is here to help you all summarise the sibei happening news in pure Singlish.

Okok, mai tu liao! Here we go!

Lee Hsien Yang joins Tan Cheng Bock’s Progress Singapore Party

Wah you know hor, 7 early 8 early this morning, lao niang’s friend message me, jio me go Tiong Bahru market eat chwee kueh. I ask her why ah? Raining leh, go out sibei leh cheh sia.

She told me she saw this Lee Hsien Yang eating breakfast with Tan Cheng Bock! And this Yang Yang is wearing the red-and-white polo tee – not Giordano’s National Day polo tee, but the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) polo tee!

Then she send me one news article from Straits Times that says Yang Yang is going to join Ah Bock’s PSP.

Tsk, this Yang Yang is si ginna or what? When Lee Kuan Yew is around, never see he join politics. Now the papa is gone, he join politics never mind because we also will change our mind about things one right. But he don’t join don’t join, once he join he go join the opposition party lei.

Some more the food centre they eat breakfast is in Tanjong Pagar GRC eh. The wanton mee there very nice is it? Specially meet Ah Bock at his papa’s old turf wor. Wah, Yang Yang ah, Yang Yang… The wings now very hard liao, wanna fly already ah. Never hear before don’t stand under tree when lightning strike meh. Very daring wor, Yang Yang!

But now still don’t know if he will contest in the coming election or not lah, maybe he too much money and too free, so he just join Ah Bock and stroll around?

When the reporters ask (at 40:12) Ah Bock how will Yang Yang be contributing to the party hor, Ah Bock say, “By his presence, walking around with us, and there are many other ways.”

So ambiguous leh. Like that lao niang also can join Ah Bock right? My presence is a present and a blessing itself. Plus, I not only can walk, I also can run. I can run very fast some more, confirm faster than Yang Yang. I also can contribute in many other ways, like helping Singaporeans to translate cheem articles into Singlish version. Ah Bock, can consider me?

But aiya is SIBEI DRAMA RIGHT? Lao niang jitao want to take my popcorn, sit down and watch show!

Workers’ Party sibei cool video

If you haven’t watch hor, must watch this one!


Wah the background music macam from Harry Potter lei, I thought I will see Pritam turn into Dumbledore, and Sylvia Lim become Hermione! So cool one.

This video confirm not cheap, you see the quality so good sia. People busy fight fires, they busy doing swee swee video. Young people like lao niang confirm like one. The group also very young and ang moh pai type hor. But don’t know the old boomer uncles and aunties can understand or not?

Like don’t have Uncle Low de “smell” anymore. Hope still got his values. 🧐

Let’s hope Pritam got show Uncle Low the video and Uncle Low got give him his thumbs up lah! If not he sure kena scold big time one for losing the WP’s usual “smell”.

People’s Action Party new candidates

How can  forget People’s Action Party (PAP)’s new candidates right?

Tia gong this time got a mix liao, not all from army one! Got lawyer lah, banker lah, civil servant lah, got tow kay also.

Got one lao niang see his picture, lao niang heart flutter a bit because he look a bit like my Korean Oppar. But hor when I read that he is married and got kids liao, lao niang jitao sian half and close the window.

Sibei sian one. Why all these politicians hor, if not lao kok kok, then is married men. Like that lao niang where got chance to get married lah. How to increase birth rate leh, you tell me?

But lao niang heard that there will be an increase in the Non-constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) lah, like from 9 people to 12 people. Better use this chance to bring in more 小鲜肉 (Little Fresh Meat), don’t disappoint lao niang liao.


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