Lao niang explain: The Xiao Ming, Prabu and Ali Saga

Disclaimer: The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious (lao niang say one). No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. No poems were copied in the production of this article.

Xiao Ming, Prabu and Ali work in ABC company.

Although colleagues, all 3 of them work in different departments.

One day, Prabu type one email and mass send to everyone in the company to say,

“Ali is a very good employee and he is very talented. Although he always complain about the way the company do things, but I know he do that because he loves the company a lot.”

After Xiao Ming saw that email, he go reply to that email and ask Prabu,

“Wah Prabu, you like that praise Ali ah, I think you buay gam leh. Do you know what Ali did to the company last time a not?

Even though Ali works in this company, but actually his heart is with DEF company. He openly tells everyone that if he can, he confirm guarantee plus chop want to go work in DEF company. He works here in ABC only because he bo bian, he wants to earn money here because ABC pay him more.

And then hor, last time when DEF company abuse our carpark and park their (Honda) vessels at our carpark, Ali still say well done to them, side them and say they park 2 vessels only mah, never mind what. Don’t be so gei gao.

Somemore, I tia gong this Ali forever say ABC founder not good despite founder built the company until sibei gaolat, and he everyday also go say DEF company’s CEO good and idolise him despite DEF founder chut pattern to ABC company. Is jitao no loyalty one lah!

Now Prabu, since you also love ABC company so much until you willing to die for the company one, after you know all the things he did to ABC company in the past, you will still say Ali is an A star employee, who love our company a lot a not?

Obviously this Ali heart’s is not with ABC company lah!”

After reading this email, everyone in the company sibei hot.

They started scolding Xiao Ming for being an asshole, for abusing the mass email system to ask Prabu questions, macam want to make Prabu paiseh in front of whole company, and say Xiao Ming is bullying Prabu.

Lai lai lai, you all bystander, you all 评评理 and be the judge.

Xiao Ming got do anything wrong for asking if Prabu know about Ali’s history and what he did to ABC company?

Lao niang think Xiao Ming and Prabu both got good intention for ABC company, they want ABC company to prosper with the correct and right employee.

Xiao Ming no wrong to ask Prabu that question and Prabu also got no wrong for not knowing enough so he go and praise Ali, because it seems like this Prabu really don’t know mah.

But then hor plot twist lai liao, macam Yanxi Palace.

After Prabu found out about Ali, he also never thank Xiao Ming for telling him about Ali’s dark history leh.

Instead hor he whack Xiao Ming back and say that Xiao Ming bad, play cheat and play office politics. Because you know lah, Prabu paiseh liao mah. Gei kiang, but actually is because he never do homework properly, end up praise wrong people. So he scared all the colleagues don’t want to trust him liao.

Actually lao niang think it is reasonable for Xiao Ming to ask the question leh. But in the end, Prabu also never answer the question leh. So Prabu know or he don’t know ah?

Is it he don’t know so make the stupid mistake?


He knows and doing it on purpose? Gua gua gua…

Lao niang think hor if it is the latter then a bit xiao bad right? How can you side and support one 卖国贼 (traitor who sell own country)?

And this Ali also another one lah. If he don’t like ABC company, then he should just leave and go and join DEF company lah! Tio bo? Take train 5 minutes nia, very fast one.

By the way, lao niang not referring to the Tan Wu Meng, Pritam Singh and Alfian Sa’at saga hor.

You all better don’t anyhow accuse lao niang, or I will go and burn down your house.

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