Companies will suffer more because of COVID-19

Lao niang just read this Business Times report, got survey show a lot of Singapore companies already suffered jialat jialat because of the virus!

This level of jialat is even more than the Asian financial crisis in 2008 man.

But hor the article must pay then can read. So to help you save money, come, let me share with you what the article and the experts say:

  1. Output and investment will decrease by a lot and many people will lose their job.
  2. Companies and taokays will also be under greater pressure to cut costs, think of ways to do more but use less money, and they also must look for new customer bases.
  3. This pandemic will result in a recession this year, and this time it will be more jialat than the 2008 global financial crisis.
  4. Our gross domestic product (GDP) will also shrink. Siao bo?
  5. Larger companies will suffer more because global supply chains kena disrupted and also, global demand decreased liao.
  6. Since Singapore is reliant on global trade, our exports will be impacted also.

Liddat siao liao la. Everywhere jialat.

So, the conclusion is what, you know?

Don’t anyhow spend money liao and save money while you can!

Stop making those boliao TikTok videos or KPKB at home and go for training to reskill and upskill yourself. Use all the resources from Gahmen that you can find. Maybe you find a new calling leh? Then best chance to change industry or a new job!

Got so many leh. Got SkillsFuture credit which they just top up. And if you are self-employed or freelancers you got the Self-Employed Person (SEP) Training Support Scheme – this one still got training allowance wor. Plus if you are NTUC Union member, you can get additional training allowance some more.

Cannot find jobs meh? Mai gei gei hor. I just went to check the SGUnited Jobs Portal, there got over 10,000 jobs! Long term de, short term de, ham ba lang ma have.

My friend also say got 2 NTUC’s Job Security Council (JSC) Telegram channels on Telegram, where they update the jobs available there. Got for PMET de jobs, and also got non-PMET positions.

Say real one lah, nowadays the economic so bad liao, got jobs just accept first then say. Gahmen take out so much money to help you, so just use the resources available and help yourself lah. You also don’t want lugi, tio bo?

Don’t hiam liao lah.

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