This Pritam Singh want to sabo Singaporeans ah?

A few days ago, in Parliament on Apr 6, this Workers’ Party (WP) chief Pritam Singh asks the Gahmen to do a thorough review of Singaporean living wage.

Singaporean living wage

He brought up what the United States President Franklin Roosevelt did during the Great Depression of the 1930s – the era where the “New Deal” was implemented.

Basically what Pritam Singh is implying is that although he and his other WP Members of Parliament (MPs) support the Budget, he wants the Gahmen to continue to support Singaporeans after the COVID-19, like what the US did very very very long ago.

Wow, Pritam Singh! You the man lah, you my hero sia. What a good suggestion!

BUT HOR, after that I go and read some more hor, wa lao eh! Pritam Singh, you don’t anyhow anyhow suggest and sabo average Singaporeans like us lei!

You know what this “New Deal” is all about a not? You know what is the other side of the story that is not said about this “wonderful” deal?

Come, I tell you:

  • The New Deal began a “culture of dependency” and now the Ang Mohs expect their Gahmen to protect them from “cradle to grave.”
  • The New Deal created a modern welfare state. Millions of Ang Mohs who were once cared for by families, charities or churches now look to their Gahmen to meet their needs.
  • The New Deal has ultimately led to dramatically higher taxes for the Ang Mohs. This makes it harder for people to invest in companies that create jobs. By the way, the Ang Mohs’s income tax is between 10% to 37%, and their VAT (GST equivalent) is 10% hor. Siao, so high.
  • Higher budget deficit – this means that the country spent more money than what the Gahmen can raise. Ya lah, means future generations will always be paying for past generations because they always gotta borrow to fund their budget.
  • The country ends up in debt and is headed for bankruptcy.

The above is experts say one hor, not me ah.

This means hor, if really got the New Deal, you and I, we must pay higher taxes and pay more money.

If old people, disabled people that kind ok lah, I don’t mind helping. But then if people lazy, don’t want to work why must help them ah? Means I work hard, my hard-earned money will go and help all these lazy and good-for-nothing people leh.

Like that can meh? I don’t want lah! Where can like that so unfair one. KNS!

This suggestion from Pritam Singh is like he go and copy other people’s homework and then come and pass up macam like his own work.

Pritam ah Pritam, cannot like that copy copy one lei. You politician lei… You should be speaking up for us Singaporeans, not pass up other people’s homework then make yourself look like good student mah.

Some more we are Singapore leh, not Ang Moh country and we are so different from other countries also.

Now we got money in reserves to take and use during this COVID-19 outbreak is because we never anyhow spend money and we got save money.

If we really follow what Pritam Singh suggests ah, I think next time if we need to tap on our reserves, I think inside won’t have much money to tap onto to give out to Singaporeans like now liao. Maybe no money for simi supplementary budget, only got jiak-ka-kee Budget.

In the end, you die, we die, everybody die.

You want meh?

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