Ground-up initiatives that warm our hearts

Throughout this Covid-19 episode, we have seen both positive and negative displays from Singaporeans. The negatives beg no further explanation and imbue much shame in us (or as a particular minister has said, made us feel “xiasuay”). However, I would like to talk about the positives and initiatives, where ordinary Singaporeans have stepped out to serve their peers.

Today, I am shining the spotlight on a group of volunteers who had sacrificed their precious Sunday, to hand out 2500 bottles of hand sanitisers to residents.

The distribution, on 1 March 2020, was carried out at four different areas, namely:

  1. 31A Gim Moh Link, Senior Care Centre
  2. Outside Segar LRT
  3. Outside Jelapang LRT
  4. Outside Blk 547 Segar Road (HDB Commercial Area outside of Sheng Siong)

Many gracious Singaporeans living in all areas of Singapore reached out and donated to provide for the hand sanitisers while residents and volunteers participated in the entire process, from sourcing, bottling to the distribution of the hand sanitisers.

The group will also be placing bottles of sanitisers at a total of 135 lifts in the Segar and Senja cluster of Bukit Panjang Town.

This ground-up initiative was birthed after residents witnessed the MPs of Holland Bukit Timah GRC reaching out to the community, by providing surgical masks and hand sanitisers. The residents and volunteers hope to inspire more Singaporeans to participate in such initiatives and believe that Singapore can overcome the virus and other odds with the Gotong Royong spirit.

After all, doesn’t it warm your heart to see an expression of appreciation from fellow residents? The next time you see some group reaching out via social media, take the chance to participate in the initiatives if you are able to.

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